Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Musings

I just mowed the lawn. I mowed it so hard. Let's muse.

The Wedge has it's panties in a bunch over the proposed new Trader Joes location a couple of blocks down Franklin Avenue (or, as I call it, the anus of Uptown). The issue? Trader Joes is asking for a variance in our mind-bogglingly stupid liquor laws to accommodate their standard business model, which is to use "three buck chuck" as a sort of loss leader item.

The Wedge thinks this is unfair. Only, the Wedge hasn't asked for a variance. They don't want to step on the toes of Humm's liquors. Of course, Humm's is part of a liquor lobby has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep aforementioned laws in force.

So, essentially, The Wedge is arguing that it is unfair for Trader Joe's to step on the toes of another business that exploits unfairness for profit. Not the most compelling argument in the world, but I'm sure it works for people willing to spend $9 on corn. Why is it that people get so political over food?


This is getting ridiculous. Sojourners, a left-wing spiritual group of which I am notoriously unfond, spammed 135 religion reporters to inform them of their march against poverty, or whatever. According to the e-mail for deputy press secretary Jason Gedeik:

This the Religious Left filling the hole created by the decline of the Religious Right but now we have the political power and ear of the White House — definitely a new trend and a “first” within this new political era.

Maybe, but this sentence is the "Religious Left" committing an atrocity against the rules of grammar. I hope "deputy press secretary" is a fancy term for "unpaid intern", 'cause an autistic chimpanzee could have written that sentence. Seriously, this was sent to 135 journalists.

At Christianity Today, blogger Ted Olsen was kind enough not to expose the Gedeik's fundamental illiteracy. He did, however, note that Sojourners had done an about face on the question of whether they represented the "Religious Left".

Gedeik offered an explanation that kinda makes you feel bad for the guy (follow the link and read it for yourself... I hope this dude has rich parents.). Then, two weeks later, Jim Wallis throws him under the (short) bus, stating what follows:

I can emphatically say that he was “off message.”

An unfortunate attribute for a deputy press secretary, among many others. Wallis' post is titled "For the Record: Still Not the Religious Left". Actually, once you distribute a mailer to 135 journalists declaring something, you are, literally, on the record. That and the whole taking the liberal stance on each and every issue thing.

I could go on and on, and I have.


Someone will have the bright idea to point out a typo or minor grammatical error in this post, and take me to task for my criticisms above. It will be very clever when he does that.


Michigan has a new ad campaign designed to drum up tourism. The catchphrase? "Pure Michigan". What, is Chrysler doing ads now?


Let's talk food. Hit up Black Sheep pizza on Friday night. I'll give it a hearty recommendation. The crust reminded be of naan, the Indian equivalent of garlic bread. The toppings were plentiful and interesting (dark meat chicken was a first for me), and the price was comparable to Punch, my personal fave. A unique contribution to an already solid (critics be damned) pizza scene in the Twin Cities.


Less excited about Muffuletta, the Parasole holding in St. Anthony. We had a gift card, and I thought I'd take advantage of the $19 tasting menu offered on Sundays. Everything was solid (though my halibut was small in an almost parodical way... I'm not one to whinge about portions, but...), with the exception of my wife's ravioli, which was atrocious. Also, it was mother's day, and the joint was rife with loud babies. The whole scene was a bit pre-fab, and the food was nothing to write home about. A big meh from me.


That is all. Go home, kids.


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