Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Bureaucracy

Did you know that, even if you do not even own a home, you can still be forced to pay for it? Here's how it works.

Hennepin County employs, um, let's say, people who wouldn't survive if not for government jobs. In fact, inability to make a living in the real world is an essentially job requirement. Think of it as our government's way of bending us until we break.

At any rate, when you sell a house, it is not necessarily sufficient to inform your local utility that you no longer own the property. Rather, they must receive notification from the aforementioned job center for the otherwise unemployable.

As such, the question of whether or not you owe Centerpoint Energy $600 is left to the discernment of someone who cannot tell the difference between a squirrel and a trashcan.

My most recent phone call to the county ended with the advice that I "ignore them, and hope they go away."

That's verbatim, people. Meanwhile, the marginally able, but certainly not spectacular, folks at Centerpoint Energy have promised to contact the former owners of my prior home to see if they are willing to foot the bill. I'm sure that will resolve this conflict.

I'm beginning to have new appreciation for the whole revolutionary war thing.


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