Thursday, May 07, 2009

Top Ten Fridays: Pick Up Lines for Engineers

10. Baby, if you're eyes were stars, we would all be dead, so you wouldn't matter.

9. "A squared" + "B squared" = "C squared". There, I am automatically in the 70th percentile.

8. Move, please.... I mean, move, gorgeous.

7. I wish you were better looking, but who am I to be choosy? You COULD stand to lose some weight though.

6. I make $46,000 per year, and will for the rest of my life. Call me Captain Stability.

5. Marketing people are such fags. I'm not, though, if you catch my drift. My drift is that I would prefer to have sex with you, rather than have sex with another man. This is because I am heterosexual. I have a townhouse. We will have sex at that location, with your consent.

4. Seriously, though, the marketing people are riding my ass.

3. I bought a minivan, just because it was on sale.

2. You know, autism is a spectrum disorder.

1. I have eight xylophones.


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