Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Best of TPWK - 2006

Continuing my series of favorite quotes:

"Leroy: It's a Macrocosm.
Kevin: No, it isn't. "



"Upon hearing that he had received the award, President Ahmadinejad had this to say:

"Mr. Foxman has pleased me. He will be among the last to die."



"Anne LaMott: I was mortified: I had to eat my body weight in chocolate just to calm myself.

Me: This is why my church doesn't allow women in ministry."



"So, what do liberals do when they receive their tax refunds? I mean, the average liberal I know makes somewhere in the vicinity of $6,400 per year. So, when they get that check for $3.43, do they feel guilty? Do they act like Liam Neeson, at the end of "Schindler's List" when he equates his material possessions to the lives they could have saved?"



"I am going to waste you at Centipede..."



Not a quote, and I have no ideas why I put it on my blog to begin with.


A fully grown organutan: I'M SORRY SOUL SISTA! YOU AIN'T GOT NO RACK-O MOJO!"




Joke: A Rabbi and a Priest walk in to the bar. Bartender asks what they want. The Priest asks for a Michelob. The Rabbi says to the Priest "I didn't know priests could drink." The Priest says "then why did you bring me to a bar? What else are we supposed to do, play darts? For crying out loud." The Rabbi says "dude, sorry I brought it up. The Priest says "well, I just don't understand the logic. There are any number of places we could've gone. If I can't drink, we could've gone to any one of them." The Rabbi says "hey, let's just keep it cool, okay? Are we cool?" The Rabbi orders a whiskey and coke, and sips it awkwardly for about three minutes.



What are your favorites?


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That "What!" poster kills me every time! :)

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