Friday, June 26, 2009

The best of TPWK

Continuing the unsolicited trip down memory lane

"Hey, Steve Guttenberg. Do you get high? Do you party? You wanna get high?"


"Disneyworld is great."


"I mean, it's pretty obvious that you guys want to see a Swedish a cappella group that performs covers of theme music from Commodore 64 video games."


"If she dies, she dies,"... Sen. Hillary Clinton, in response to news that Elisabeth Edwards has cancer.


"Michigan: Die WITH your dreams."


"Captain: It's worse than I thought.

McLaughlin: There's four people in Garfield T-shirts. Is that to whom you are referring?

Zax: They have a goat!

McLaughlin: Well, that is a little weird."


"Horowitz: Right, no way around it. I have actually thought it some what noble. My body spliced in concentric circles, laying on a nuanced ciabatta with some melted gorgonzola. Maybe some basil and olive oil on top.

TPWK: I’m putting you in a salsa.

Horowitz: Oh…. No, no…


Horowitz: Not like this."

From an interview with Horowitz, the deformed tomato. He was delicious, btw.


"Proposed Counterattack ad:

Barack Obama's Matthew 25 coalition believes that there should only be enough oil for half of virgins. John McCain supports offshore oil exploration, so that every virgin in America can keep her lamp lit."


What are your favorites?


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