Wednesday, June 03, 2009

An Interview with the Rabbit

Every now and then, my blog affords me the opportunity to speak with various newsmakers. Without any further adieu, I would like to welcome the rabbit in my front yard. Rabbit, welcome.

Rabbit: (chews grass)

TPWK: Yeah, you're quiet now, aren't you?

Rabbit: (chews grass)

TPWK: Guess what? Rabbits go the hell. You're hellbound.

Rabbit: (chews grass)

TPWK: That's right, go ahead and chew. In fact, go ahead and chew the leaves off my basil plant. Lot of good they'll do you in hell.

Rabbit: (chews grass)

TPWK: Look at you. Acting all calm. I know your fate. I possess what is called dramatic irony, as it relates to your eternal situation.

Rabbit: (chews grass)

TPWK: Get off my lawn!

Rabbit: (chews grass)

Khris: Honey, are you going to eat your quesadillas, or should I just put them in the fridge.

TPWK: Quiet honey. I'm contending with a rabbit.

Khris: Yeah, that's what you do, isn't it?

Rabbit: (chews grass)

TPWK: You know what? I'm gonna rent Terms of Endearment.

Khris: What has that got to do with anything.

TPWK: I wouldn't expect you to understand.

Khris: You've changed. I don't even know you.

Rabbit: (chews grass)


Anonymous peter said...

You know Kevin, "the basil-raping rabbit" has a nice alliterative ring to it.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would have been funnier if in the end it read:
TPWK: (chews grass)

12:17 PM  

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