Sunday, June 07, 2009

Monday Musings - NBA Finals Edition

Frigid June morning times. Musishness ensues. Enjoyment invariable follows.

Just to reiterate, we are friends with Islam now. Don't you dare ask for tangible evidence of this friendship. We are like dudes. We can just hang out and drink beers, and not even talk to each other. Just so long as one dude bombs the other dude's family once in a while. But again, don't expect to talk about that.


Count me as the gossipy guy who talks behind his friends back.


Caught Slumdog Millionaire this weekend. The appeal is lost on me. Danny Boyle's visual flair is there, as always. He has a remarkable ability to show, rather than tell. It's nice to see him get his due as a director regardless...

But the romance is uninteresting, and the plot twists not clever (and, therefore, implausible), and I just didn't care much about what was going on. Are all of these second rate screenplays (I'm thinking also of Benjamin Button, Milk and The Reader) the result of the writers strike?


Conversation from the conversation on a blog post bemoaning the (bemoaning of) the Emergent Conversation's decline.

Josh: perhaps let me give you a hypothetical example of a doucher. the 28 year old son of a huge megachurch pastor who was the former head of the Southern Baptist Convention... (he goes on like this)

Sonja: As a woman, could you please find another scatalogical word to call people for whom you have so much disdain besides, “doucher” … that’s really quite misogynist when you get down to it.

Finally, a movement that gets it.


Went to Flame in Rosedale shopping center today. Their specialty is meat, and so I had a french dip, which was fine. There are better sandwiches around, and probably better meat around. But if you wanted something in Roseville that isn't an Uber-chain and isn't China Jen, well, there you are.


I want a kitten.


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