Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tap-dancing at the funeral

The worst restaurant in Minneapolis is no more.

Bellanotte, Block E's over-priced purveyor of inedible goods, has finally drowned in a sea of its own pretense.

I'll never forget my one and only dinner there: Lamb (jerky) on Saffron Rice(-r-roni), accompanied by a palatable (but predictable) squash soup. Oh, and a $9 glass of red wine that was warmer than sweat and tasted like bad breath. None of my dining companions much enjoyed their meals.

Of course, it is never a great thing when a restaurant goes out of business, particularly when that restaurant anchors a building so popular they could rename it the killing fields to boost public perception.

James Lileks goes so far as to advocate shutting down the joint, and he's probably simply ceding the nature of reality.

That said, Bellanotte was a mess, and our city's collective dining budget is finite. Hopefully, former patrons will stumble their way into more compelling fare (they might start near Marquette Ave., which has been ravaged by endless construction).


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