Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Musings

Spring is in the air. Even though it's summer. A global warming no-show. Let's muse.

Lo and behold, Cash for Clunkers turned out to be an idiotic idea. Who saw that coming?

Alas, Congress is celebrating its victory. After all, they gave away money and, by golly, people took it. That almost never happens. Gee-whiz.

Can we have a cash for tacky Christmas decorations program? That would probably stimulate the economy too, and save the environment. My (wife's) Frosty the Snowman Nativity sucks precious electricity. Therefore, I should get $500 toward a flat screen TV.


I will say this. The popularity and/or notoriety (dependent upon your worldview, and whether or not that worldview is informed by doltishness) of the C4C program seems to be scratching America's collective environmental itch.

Everybody went green. We're green now. The enviros have their cookie and milk so they can hibernate for another couple of decades.


When did female digestive health become a trillion dollar industry, and who made Jamie Lee Curtis of this new bowel revolution?

It's like the 1960s all over again. Jamie Lee Curtis is the Janis Joplin of a new ass-based counter-culture.


Don Quixote had his windmills. Our Quixotic mayor has bottled water. In this week's edition of "Dude, You're Mayor, Get Over It", R.T. is befuddled by the presence of a vending machine selling bottled water for $1.50. Money quote:
People are paying close to $10 a gallon for water! They’d scream if they saw unleaded gas selling for that much, yet they think nothing about paying that much for something as basic as water.

Since R.T. doesn't seem to be making a political point here, I'll assume he's providing some insight on his thought process, and/or disproving existence of same. As such, I find disconcerting his ignorance of a rather glaring point.

People buy water in vending machines because there are no taps nearby, and because they do not want pop. Pop and bottled water are inexpensive commodities in the home, so R.T.'s anecdotal bafflement is misplaced.

The question is why people buy bottled water at home. The reason, in Minneapolis, is that their tap water smells like crap and changes color sometimes.

And because bottled water marketers are empirically smarter than R.T. Rybak.


Went to Tao foods, the organic/holistic emporium on 22nd and Hennepin. Ordered a Tempeh Reuben (when in Rome...), and so here's my beef. It seems to be that organic/holistic emporiums universally compensate for the organic/holistic-ness of their offerings by slathering copious amounts of mayonnaise (and or oil) on their stuff.

There is nothing holistic about mayonnaise. It is unadulterated indulgence, a paean to our basest nutritional compulsions.


Also, there was a large display on women's urinary health, right in the dining area, complete with yellow artwork. It got me thinking. Bowel health has it's fancy new spokeswoman, but who is going to stand up for good old-fashioned urine? Ellen Degeneres could do some great work in this market.


Went to Pancho Villa this weekend for the first time in ages. It continues to be one of the very best Mexican places in town, and remains reliably affordable. The shrimp soup was to die for.


That is it. I won't muse anymore until next week.


Blogger Adam Omelianchuk said...

I wouldn't be so quick to slam "cash for clunkers." It helped move an overabundance of inventory off the lots of dealers--so much so that CHRYSLER (the worst car company in the world) had to pull the plug on the program because they had nothing left to offer.

If we are going to have a stimulus package, save the auto industry, and do something for green goals that concern automobiles (new more efficient cleaner running engines replacing old dirty ones), this program is fantastic. I think its Obama's best idea yet, and by far the most effective for economic stimulus.

But a more pressing matter, how do I log into realpolitext?

11:07 AM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

People are using this to buy Chryslers? As a dog returns to its vomit. I agree that this is, by far, Obama's most effective stimulus plan.

And you just hush about realpolitext.

11:26 AM  

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