Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Conscience of The Kettle

Conveniently, the left is beginning to notice the hysterical opposition to a sitting president. Paul Krugman plays the pot to its kettle.

Since I have decent Internet access for a couple of hours, let me weigh in a bit on the craziness sweeping America.

Craziness is sweeping America? That's a rather bold claim. Let's see some evidence.

Joe Klein reports on a town hall meeting where people think that Obama has larded the government with communists.

The article to which Krugman refers cites one example of one person at one town hall who thought Obama had appointed four communists, which is almost certainly true. The same person also wondered what was up with all the czars. Insanity isn't what it used to be, I guess.


Not really.

but I’ve been getting equally bizarre claims in much of my mail.

Not surprising. You do know you write for the New York Times, right? It's kind of a well known paper.

I’ve mentioned before that my hate mail has reached levels I haven’t seen since 2004 or so.

Which, really, isn't that long ago.

But back then, the hate was in a way understandable. People like me were questioning Bush’s bona fides as the great protector against terrorism, were claiming that he deliberately misled the country into an unnecessary war. Those were strong charges,

And, since you offered no evidence for your "charges", were more rantings than charges.

But now I get spitting, incoherent rage over articles on, um, health care economics or macro modeling.

Well, your articles on same are usually incoherent, and often, um, spitting. As you make your bed...

What enrages people so much about these pieces?

The hackiness? The contempt? The abandonment of objectivity from a prize winning economist? I'm just guessing, here.

Usually, it’s impossible to tell — in fact, I often have the sense that the enraged correspondents haven’t read the things at all.

I would like to take the time to mention that, of the three comments allowed in response to this piece, one begins by answering Krugman's question with "It's called racism."

Just sayin'...

But that’s OK — they know that I’m corrupt, a liar, a Nazi, and have been spewing my evil in my writings.

Remember when the left used the term Republinazi? Remember Bushitler? Columnists compared Bush to the Nazis, not just random unhinged hate e-mailers. Actually, you don't have to remember, because they still do. According to Krugman, we have always been at war with Eurasia.

The point

Please don't pretend you have a point. You just went on for several paragraphs about hate e-mailers because this allows you to feel as though there is no reasonable opposition to your worldview.

is that whatever is driving all this doesn’t have anything to do with the realities of what I, or, much more important of course, Obama say or do.

You have offered no evidence for this assertion, which is flatly false. The recent town hall outbursts are directly related to Obama's efforts on healthcare.

Obama could have come in proposing to pursue an agenda identical to Bush,

He did not, so this hypothetical, which happens to be as untenable as it is irrefutable and, therefore, argues precisely nothing, is also irrelevant to the crazy sweepiness Paul decries.

Something is going very wrong in the heads of a substantial number of Americans.

Not an enlightening observation.

I would note that Paul Krugman took time out of his vacation to write this. I took time out of mine to respond.

That's pretty damn crazy if you ask me.

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