Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kathy Clay-Little Wishes She Knew Little (And Gets Her Wish)

To my Republican readers: We are still racists. According to this clown, at least.

Right-wingers won. Tens of thousands of school children who could ill afford to lose, lost. Bullying and braying their way through the right-wing radio, the internet and cable television, right wingers succeeded in influencing practically every school district in the San Antonio area not to air President Barack Obama’s speech to the nation’s school children.

Instead, these poor students had to learn from their stupid teachers. Who wants that?

Their argument that the speech was designed to indoctrinate school children with the president’s “liberal agenda” did not hold water,

Neither does your argument that students who cannot afford to lose somehow lost something. Really, it was a banal speech on the importance of working hard. It was INTENDED to indoctrinate school children, but that portion was dropped amidst much bullying.

but area school superintendents caved, most opting to post their speech on their websites.

To which nobody has access.

Consequently, students who would benefit most from learning from the president’s empowering words on attaining success were also the most likely to not to [sic] be exposed.

Instead, they learned about meaningless crap like triangles.

An honest assessment of those protesting the president speaking to students will almost surely find a great divide between them and the families of this city when it comes to home access to computers.

Which is irrelevant, since nobody was really interested in the speech anyway.

The same goes for the drop-out rate.

Which will remain unimpacted by Obama's speech.

Black and brown students especially needed to hear Obama’s message, one that could put them on the road that, for many of them, has been less traveled.

Or, they could have skipped class, which is probably what they did anyway.

As politically incorrect as it is to admit, the reality is that this country is still divided between them and us, and just as the ‘thems’ put their political interests first, those who are ‘us’ must put their children’s future success first.

Actually, this statement pretty much reflects the essence of political correctness.

In times like these, one wishes that one knew less about people like the South Carolina congressman who shouted “You lie!’ [sic] as Obama made a speech to Congress, the first time that most Americans have seen such a blatant disrespect of any president and the presidency.

Excepting those times when presidents were, you know, SHOT.

The relatively obscure Joe Wilson’s intemperate outburst made him the right-wing talking heads’ darling of the moment and enriched his campaign coffers by over $1 million in a single weekend.

He was nobody's darling of the moment. Kathy is making stuff up.

While it would be a stretch to label Wilson’s outburst as hate speech,

Good. Reasonable. Sensible.

it would not be unfair to label the comment as a sinister effort on the part of some right-wing conservatives to wrap themselves in the American flag and lay the groundwork for the kind of hate that killed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy to fester.

Unhinged. Ignorant. Crazy.

I would not expect Kathy to know this, but JFK and RFK were shot by left-wing extremists. Also, laying the sinister groundwork for assassination is more fair than labeling something as hate speech? Also, if you are in the business of laying sinister groundwork, why do you immediately apologize to the president after calling him a liar? Also, why is someone who thinks like this allowed to opine in a major daily?

Wilson’s colleague in the House of Representatives, South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn aptly characterized the outburst as an effort to “deligitimize” Obama’s presidency.

So what?

If the presidency is ultimately deligitimized and Obama comes to fatal harm, a certain segment of America will Twitter at his funeral and feel good about it.

Yes, Republicans are all hoping the president will die simply so we can have the opportunity to Twitter his funeral. This is a nuanced perspective. Good analysis, Kathy.

New York Times columnist Maureed [sic] Dowd underscored Clyburn’s point, noting, “Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it.”

That really didn't have anything to do with Clyburn's point.

Despite attempts by Wilson admirers to dismiss Clyburn and Dowd’s observations as liberal grousing,

Which it is. By the way, Kathy hasn't mentioned the confederate flag thing...

knowing that Wilson led a fight less than 10 years ago to fly the Confederate flag over his state’s Capitol building and held membership in a group called Sons of the Confederate veterans,

Ah, there it is. Rep. Clyburn voted to continue federally funding ACORN after the organization was caught offering advice to an undercover reporter who wanted a solution for underage Ecuadorian prostitutes... And that was last week. See? Black people have bad ideas, too.

says something about Wilson that Americans who want to believe we’ve turned a corner wish they didn’t know.

There is a lot that Kathy wishes she didn't know. Maybe that explains why she doesn't seem to know anything.

Kathy Clay-Little is publisher of African American Reflections.

Indeed she is. For more on what Kathy wished she didn't know, read this. Yikes.


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