Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Musings - Rainy Day Edition

The old snoring man was found by his grandson, lying in a pool of his own blood. Cursed raining and pouring. Let's muse.

In response to criticisms that they ignored the ACORN story, the New York Times offers this:

Jill Abramson, the managing editor for news, agreed with me that the paper was “slow off the mark,” and blamed “insufficient tuned-in-ness to the issues that are dominating Fox News and talk radio.” She and Bill Keller, the executive editor, said last week that they would now assign an editor to monitor opinion media and brief them frequently on bubbling controversies.

Alternately, they could hire journalists whose job it is to discover and report news on their very own. And, seriously, nobody at the NYT's political desk visits Real Clear Politics?

Even more alternately, the NYT could just confess what any reasonable would conclude, which is that it has a political agenda, and will use its pages to advance that agenda. Doing so would not preclude the from its usual business of producing error-ridden obits and plagiarizing.


Barack Obama wants our kids to go to school for a longer period of time. Allegedly, this is to help our children compete with children abroad.

This initiative (or distraction, or whatever it is) plays off the myth that foreign students (Asians in particular), spend all of their time in school. It is also utter nonsense, and Obama knows this. The real goal is to make it more difficult for private, parochial, and home-based schools to function.

This is priority number one for an educational bureaucracy which, to date, has yet to show even the slightest inclination toward giving two figs about how our students compare to those in Japan.


I should note (as does the article) that studies do indicate more time spent on hard subjects (math in particular) improves cognitive function. Perhaps our schools would do well to focus on this, instead of, you know.


So Iran is teaching Venezuela how to detect uranium. Fortunately for us, we have a president who likes press conferences, so everything will probably work out. Maybe he can give a speech, encouraging the Iranians to extend their schoolday.


If I were an elected Democrat, defending the president against charges that he is a socialist, I wouldn't be all that thrilled at the prospect of a Michael Moore anti-capitalism movie right about now. At least Moore had the good sense not to release it in an election year.


Speaking of terrible movies, Sunshine Cleaners is one. A cheap coalition of idiosyncracy, quirky indie-flick memes, and unearned payoffs.

One scene as synopsis: The lead female character (Amy Adams), a single mom who is having an affair (natch) goes to buy a van. Her son notices a CB radio in the van, and inquires. The van salesman explains that if you hit a button, your voice goes up to heaven.

You think you know where this is going. The son later uses the CB radio to ask God questions. Yep, but in case you didn't get it the first time, we get another scene with Adams using the radio to talk to her dead mother. Awful. Just awful. I hated this movie.


Now that I'm back in town, I can eat at restaurants. To that end, I could take or leave the Girvan Grille. Located at a golf course in Brooklyn Park, it evokes the clubby feel of a hotel restaurant. The menu is unfocused, and my curry shrimp lacked kick, though I did quite like the chili. It's a small step above Houlihans, so if you are in the area, it won't hurt.


Alright, that's all. Stop looking at me.

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