Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Musings

Back from Michigan Sprinklejoys. Time for angry musingslaps.

A latent observation on the Kanye West thing: Kanye's earlier albums professed his Christian faith. Kanye was even so bold as to lament the fact that we can talk about anything other then Jesus on the airwaves.

Much is made of Christians who are an embarrassment to their fellow believers. Pat Robertson is a favorite target, and rightly so, but so are politicians, rock stars, and other people who just happen to have strong opinions about the bible (John Piper, for example) or fall off the wagon, so to speak (Creed). They are dismissed as arrogant, self-serving, hypocritical etc...

So why doesn't this apply to Kanye West, who famously excoriated President Bush for, well, whatever it was that makes Kanye mad? Isn't he an embarrassment to Christians? Shouldn't we blush when his name is brought up? Why not?


For the record, we should not, nor should we feel in any way accountable for the actions of Pat Robertson. But I'm just sayin'...


Anyone wondering where all the stimulus money should take a stab at driving through Illinois. Traffic is at a standstill, and those creepy "putting Americans to work" signs abound. Barack has done well by the people of his state... On our dime.

Extra stupid: The signs refer to the full name of the stimulus bill: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. That requires a pretty large sign. A private company would have used short hand to cut down on costs, or eschewed unnecessary signage altogether.


Jim Wallis follows up a stupid article with a tacky one. Glenn Beck, whom Wallis obviously despises, has a daughter with cerebral palsy. Beck has also made the case the a federal bureaucracy would deem his daughter unfit to continue to receive health care.

Instead of taking on the merits of this argument, Wallis dismisses them out right, and urges Huffington Post readers to pray for Glenn Beck... Oh, and to call him and tell him to choose hope over fear.


Also, anyone whose demeanor toward federal government is one of hope rather than fear understands neither history nor our constitution. I won't even bring the Bible into this (Wallis never does). What's the word the kids use these days? Fantard? Wallis is an Obama fantard.


A tour of Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan is enough to make me thankful for Tim Pawlenty the way visiting a third world nation makes you thankful for bread.


How about them Lions?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Piper? What views of his do you find disagreeable?

Gary (a steady TPWK reader for 2+ years)

10:35 AM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

Hi Gary. His tornado tirade was one example.

3:12 PM  

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