Monday, September 14, 2009

Obama came into town! Now everything is better! Unemployment is down! No homelessness! Theaters refusing to show All About Steve! Let's muse...


I have to say, I don't understand what compels a person to go see a president speak. If it were an Abraham Lincoln or a Teddy Roosevelt, yeah, maybe. But I remember going to see G.W. Bush at a fundraiser and thinking "he looks exactly like he does on TV".

What's the point? Sporting events are fun because the outcome is in question. Debates are fun because they are an exchange of ideas. Performances are fun because performers are performing.

Perhaps its the sheer observation of power. To be in the presence of an individual whose decisions are so impacting. The hope that, by being in attendance, you are part of the impact?


Speaking of... Went to Farmers Market on Saturday morning. It was lovely. No community organizers shoving petitions in my face. No SW Minneapolis bastard people clogging the aisles, asking the produce resellers which part of Minnesota their bananas came from. No $400 strollers marauding over my toes.


New Rock TV!

Much has already been made of Kanye West's Video Music Awards outburst, and the VMA's are about as culturally relevant as season two of Major Dad, but I should note that West interrupted an acceptance speech to tout this as the best video "of all time". What??? A B&W video with a bunch of out-of-sync dancing is better than, say, the video for Fake Plastic Trees? Really?

I mean, if it needs to be done by a black artist in order to be great, I remember some 80's pop star made some pretty interesting videos. Michael summin'erather... I'm sure he could find it on Google.

Paid a visit to Joy's Pattaya, the latest in a seeming revolving door of Thai restaurants at 76th and Lyndale in Richfield. We split the sausage appetizer, wrapped in crispy tofu skin, which was awesome, as well as a more than adequate pad see ew. The menu isn't breaking any new ground, and $12.50 for papaya salad is absurd, but if you're on the south side, you could do MUCH worse.


Congratulations to Brett Favre who ran for 180 yards and had three touchdowns in yesterday's Vikings win. He also passed for 110 yards and played excellent defense down the stretch. Also, Favre.

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