Thursday, October 22, 2009

I am Swine Flu


You thought you could ignore me, and I'd go away? Like I'm Arrested Development?

Dude, I'm not a pop culture reference, I'm a plague. Check this out. Watch this. Watch how I roll.


I consulted with a fashion expert. Now I have a "look". Swine is fiiiiiine, baby.

Hey, SARS. Imma lechoo finish, but the Spanish Flu was the greatest pandemic of all time... That's a Kanye West joke. What, you think that's a "bit obvious"?


Oops, I seem to have sneezed blood all over Freckles. Whose a bit obvious now? Freckles is all swined up. What, you're crying? Freckles having Swine flu makes you sad? Awwww, was all that hand washing a complete and utter waste of time?

From now on you will laugh at my jokes. Who names their baby Freckles, anyway?

While you're busy laughing at my caustic humor, bring me some spaghetti. I freaking dig that stuff, man. Don't give me that look. You wanna ride shotgun on the Swine express? That's right...

Okay, that is clearly no spaghetti, but rather a pamphlet from the World Health Organization. I don't see what...

Oh. Really? Swine flu isn't carried by pigs? They hardly ever even contract the disease. I'm gonna need to see some evidence.

Oh, yeah, that's pretty compelling. No, I recognize that name. He's a pretty well respected researcher. Um...

I just wanted to apolog...


Blogger Sarah said...

I thought the second picture was a reference to mutation.

11:13 AM  

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