Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Musings - Now With Grass Fed Beef

I'm tired. You might be too. Let's muse.

Last week, Sojourners responded to seemingly conflicting accusations regarding their abortion stance from AlterNet and First Things, of which Ryan Roderick Beiler wrote:

However, I’ve always had a tremendous desire to introduce our critics on the left to our critics on the right. I would love to be a fly on the wall as they debate which one of them is wrong about our position on hot button issues, of which abortion is the easiest example:

His dream came true, as Adele Stan from AlterNet commented on Keith Pavlischek's response to Ryan. The mutual conclusion was that either could be wrong, since Jim Wallis is guilty of employing an intellectual falsehood and obfuscating his stance on the issue.


Setting aside the question of whether Anita Dunn was joking when she said she adheres to the political philosophies of Mao Tse Tung, what kind of communications professional thinks it's a good idea to make this joke in front of schoolchildren?


That said, the White House is putting Anita front and center in their battle with Fox News. Declaring war on a television station is such a colossally bad idea, that I have to think this is simply going to be the pretense for firing her. She isn't good at her job, and anyone who shouts "Mao" in a crowded classroom is going to be a political liability in the future.

I smell a Saturday evening firing some time in November. She goes, or Lenny Gibbs does.


One day after lamenting burger hype in the Twin Cities, I became it's latest victim. Burger Jones, whose holding company arguably initiated the summer burger craze with its customary PR blitz, simply doesn't make a good burger.

Short on flavor, wimpy bun, inconsistent patty size, no sear. You name it. For $10 ($14 if you include fries), I expect a masterpiece. This is not that.


Congratulations to Peter, who has officially made the transition from irono-culture maven to blubbering baby-lover... Witness the transformation:

There I was, holding a copy of Alan Jackson’s Let it Be Christmas in a busy department store in October, weeping openly. This is no joke.

Oh yes it is. The big black man will be along to confiscate your Miller High Life shortly. He'll stop on his way to Burger Jones.


Anonymous tim hopps said...

Hi Kevin. My question is, how come restaurants assume I (and everyone else) want cocktail sauce with batterfried shrimp rather than tartar sauce? It always comes with cocktail sauce, and then I have to feel like an uncultured dork and ask for tartar sauce.

3:34 PM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

No restaurant that serves batterfried shrimp should regard you as an uncultured dork for asking for tartar sauce. Quit being insecure.

Also, I am highly interested in checking out the new fish and chips joint in NE. You down?

5:37 PM  

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