Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday Musings - October Sky Edition

The skies are overcast, just like you. Let's muse.

I, for one, think Barack Obama did the right thing (in principle), by going to Copenhagen to help make Chicago's sales pitch before the Olympic committee. Anyone who favors limited federal government should be delighted to see the presidency exercising its ceremonial duties. It was nice to see Obama going to bat for America, even if it was the only sliver of land for which he has demonstrated any measure of enthusiasm.

Conservatives ought to be wary of embracing meta-narratives about the president. For starters, it makes for some strange bedfellows. Since when is the International Olympic Committee a recognized arbiter of what constitutes arrogance? Since when do we look to an organization that has awarded China and Berlin with Olympic games to divine judgment on our national character?


Having said that, I will take comfort in the fruition of one of my predictions, which is that the left will provide a series of embarrassments that would obliquely hinder the president's agenda, just as it did to Clinton. Indeed, it wasn't really health care that sank Congress in 1994.

It was midnight basketball, which made a punch line out of an otherwise reasonably well crafted crime bill. It was Hillary Clinton comparing homeschooling parents to child abusers. It was Jocelyn Elders, who everyone thought was a bit bats, insinuating that children should be taught to pleasure themselves. It was MTV, having given it's full-throated support to Bill Clinton descending into a pit of debauchery. It was the constant accusation of racism (as the term "politically correct" came into vogue).

Now we have ACORN grafting federal dollars in New Orleans so it can assist with the provisions for Ecuadorian prostitutes. Obama has made a punch line out of himself with the Olympics thing. Van Jones, who everyone thought was a bit bats, was revealed to be bats before he could say anything really stupid. Hollywood, having given it's full-throated support to Obama, goes out of way it's way to defend a child rapist. Everyone who doesn't support Obama is labeled a racist.

It's fun to watch, to be quite honest with you.


I notice that Minnesotans have decided to be sports fans this week. Good for you. It's must be fun to occasionally remember that professional sporting events take place in your city. Pop quiz, Vikings fans... Name two Vikings who aren't Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre or Jared Allen.


The SNL "takedown" of Barack Obama was a comedic disaster. First of all, Fred Arminson arbitrarily decided to cease emulating Obama's cadence, and then awkwardly reintroduced it. Second, and I think this is intentional, they missed the comedic focus. I have yet to hear anyone accuse Obama of failing to do anything. What is funny about Obama is his belief, bolstered by the slobbering of millions of fawning idiots, that he can do anything, and how that belief fails to square with reality.

They did the same thing with Biden, completely ignoring the fact that the dude is a space cadet who makes up stories in favor of ham-fisted shots at his hair plugs.

As one of the few people who credit SNL writers for being extraordinarily gifted, I refuse to believe that these wimpy wrist-slaps are the best it can do. Given that the show takes editorial advice from Obama donors, I call BS...


Cats! Buy 'em!


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