Friday, October 30, 2009

Top Ten Fridays

I am accustomed to CNN simply slapping its logo on Democratic press releases, but this is one of the worst articles I have ever read. Tami Luhbi should be embarrassed. Ten things wrong with it.

1. The title is "Stimulus creates 650,000 jobs". That isn't even what the White House is claiming, and...

2. Even if it were claiming it, its methodology is sufficiently opaque that it is ridiculous to title your piece after the claim. Even the other MSM organizations ran with the headline White House: 650,000 Jobs Under Stimulus, or some such

3. The chart on the right doesn't make any sense until you read the paragraph above it, at which point, you can sort of see how it visually represents the paragraph above, but, then, what's the use of the chart?

4. The author fails to interview a single objective source. Seriously, a Senior Editor for CNN Money doesn't have a business leader or Econ Prof in her Rolodex?

5. Tami reports: "The state received awards of over $2 billion but spent only 11% of these funds, or $229,200." 11% of $2 billion is $229,200,000, not $229,200.

6. Apparently, CNN Money staff writer David Goldman contributed to this report. I guess it takes multiple journalists to be this hacky.

7. "Two weeks ago, the government provided an early glimpse of the challenges of transparency when it reported that 30,383 jobs had created by stimulus-funded federal contracts given directly to companies." Should read "...had been created by.

8. This sentence doesn't seem to be in English: Among recipients' biggest hurdles are accounting for part-time or short-term jobs created, for people working on multiple stimulus projects and for positions saved recovery act funding.

9. "The job numbers are at best going to be a rough outline of how the recovery act is impacting the economy," said Craig Jennings' senior policy analyst at OMB Watch, a government watchdog group. Does this mean they interviewed an anonymous senior policy analyst who works for Mr. Jennings? This could be an html error.

10. At the article's conclusion, we read this: Do you have a job because of the $787 billion stimulus package? We want to hear from people whose jobs have been created or saved by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Please e-mail your stories to and you could be part of an upcoming article.

Great. Even the proles get a chance to thank Barack Obama.


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