Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Musings

I'm back in Minnesota with the rest of the plebs. Let's muse.

On airlines:

I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with Delta. Caveats about small sample size not withstanding, it seems like they're the kick in the ass Northwest needed. Consider this. All three of our mainland flights were on time, with flight entertainment (a rarity on NWA), and all of our stewards were friendly (ditto). Most impressive was the baggage claim turnaround. Checking bags with NWA used to add 30 minutes to your trip, minimum.


I am somewhat less impressed with Go! Airlines. Operated by Mesa, they fly between the Hawaiian islands, sort of. For starters every flight out of Honolulu was delayed that day. Some flights to the big island were so delayed that other late flights to the same destination were departing before the other flights. Our flight only departed about 15 minutes late, but we were the exception.

I thought someone was going to pull a gun. It's not like security was going to stop them. On our flight to Kauai, the man sitting next to us successfully smuggled a live chicken on board.

Spring the extra $10 and fly Hawaiian.


On Anita Dunn:

A few weeks ago, I speculated that Anita Dunn was being put front and center in the White House's weird battle with Fox News simply to provide a pretense for firing her. That was precisely the case. Smart move by the administration. She was abysmal at her job.

So what does Obama do? He elevates Dunn's husband. That is an unfathomable decision.


On 9/11:

Politically, I understand the motivation behind bringing the 9/11 masterminds to civilian courts. It is a chance to placate the left-wing without making any substantial concessions to the idiotic cause of extending constitutional rights to internationally affiliated terrorists.

What I don't understand is the left-wing base, which is applauding what essentially amounts to a show trial. If these men are not convicted, what is the government going to do? Release them? Hardly.


To that end, the White House might have a potential mess on their hands, in the event of a jury trial. At least 1 of 12 jurors is likely to vehemently oppose the decision to bring this to a jury trial. That person could make themselves very (in)famous very quickly by registering a protest vote against the whole dog and pony show. Joe the juror, anyone?


On Hawaiian food:

The Hawaiian's get fast food right. Instead of the usual dog food on a donut, they favor "plate lunches", a meal paired with rice. I had one with fish, chicken and beef, and had it just as quickly as I would if I had ordered a Big Mac, and much MORE quickly than had I waited twenty minutes in line for a Chipotle burrito.

Also, hot dried cuttlefish, which is essentially squid jerky, is divine. Anyone know where I can get it in Minnesota?


On Minnesota Food:

On the topic of decent fast food, Hook Fish and Chips is pretty good, if a bit pricey (and not really fast). I had fried shrimp and talapia w/fix. They have a few locations, mostly in lower income neighborhoods. So if you're in one, and you're hungry, go.

That's all for today. I have to go give someone a lot of sass.


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