Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Musings

Do me a favor, will you? Wherever you are right now, stop what you are doing, throw your hands in the air, and shout "it's musing time, baby!"

Thanks... Let's roll.


Too little has been said about the hacked e-mail from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. To those unfamiliar with the story: the e-mails reveal scientists exaggerating data, conspiring to suppress dissent (going so far as to redefine the much ballyhooed process of peer review), calling for the deletion of e-mails. They also reveal that scientists are as baffled as anyone as to why the Earth hasn't been warming (one prominent researcher, who contributed heavily to the IPCC report, calls this a "travesty").

This is damning evidence that scientists are more or less trying to invent a catastrophe out of whole cloth. The green movement has gotten as far as it has because the public regards scientists as benevolent Mr. Wizards who wear lab coats and fight for truth. Else, an appeal to "peer-reviewed" literature and "settled science" in the face of common sense (very few people actually think we are headed for a climate catastrophe) falls flat.

Absent this appeal, greens are left pointing to anecdotal evidence such as melting ice caps and "disappearing" polar bear populations (the polar bear population is actually increasing). This is the very behavior they decry in skeptics (global warming? This was the coldest summer in years!.

Before we enact any policy w/r/t global warming, I want to see research that is done honestly and transparently. To reject this demand is to treat global warming as a religion, and carbon emissions a God to be worshiped. No thank you.


What the hell? It's like Ziggy Stardust, if Ziggy Stardust was actually Brittney Spears and not David Bowie.


Can someone explain the appeal of Twitter? I've been blogging in some capacity for almost five years. I'm on Facebook daily. These things bring me joy. Twitter is the most boring thing on the planet. Worse, it seems to be entirely redundant if you are on Facebook. I'm not the type who starts accounts and promptly abandons them, but I'm not going to torture myself either.


Visited Tea House in Plymouth, one of the few reasonably authentic Chinese places you'll find in this city. The food is extremely greasy, which I found odd, but the flavors were generally spot on. The dumplings and bamboo tips were standouts. My pork in szechuan sauce would have been better had the waiter remembered to bring rice. This is a place better suited for larger groups, as the portions are large and the flavors are pretty intense.


Gotta run. Seasons 2 of Major Dad just came on Netflix.


Blogger Sarah said...

Eh, I leave my twitter page going just cuz. It's there when I want it. I enjoy reading Brent Spiner's comments and for some reason I have followers. 3 our of 5 I don't even know.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous peter said...

Gerald McRainey and Brad Childress should post pictures of them making out with each other on Facebook, sparking a minor controversy.

2:31 PM  

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