Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Musings - Snow Edition

Friggin' snow. Let's muse.

Re: Janet Napolitano. The administration is going through the usual motions to set up a Saturday morning dismissal (only it will be on Friday, on account of the holiday). We've got "out of context" backpedaling today. We'll have op-eds of support tomorrow in WaPo and NYT. On Wednesday, expect anonymously sourced stories (planted by the administration) reinforcing the "out of touch" narrative, and possibly suggesting internal strife and managerial incompetence.

This is SOP, but does it make sense in this case? It seems like Obama could score some points by pretending to be caught off-guard by Janet's remarks, and moving for her immediate dismissal. The problem she has created is that she has reinforced the (accurate) notion that Obama isn't particularly serious about halting terrorist attacks. Sending JP to the ice flow at dusk will dodge the news cycles, depriving the president of a chance to appear active in the face of a threat.


Of course, if he really wants to be taken seriously, Obama could do something about the situation in Iran. I mean, I don't want him to interrupt his vacation, but...


No, I do not really think Obama should cut short his vacation. I think he should have intervened in Iran months ago. Then he would have earned his vacation.


Meanwhile, con turned (more or less) lib Andrew Sullivan faults the National Review for their trifling coverage of the Iran protests. Fair enough, though NRO almost certainly has articles in the pipeline, as writers return from Christmas vacation, and it's not like a terrorist attack in Michigan is a trifling event either.

But shouldn't Sullivan be condemning the silence from the Obama administration? I mean, Obama's the guy Sullivan wants at the helm while all of this is going on. To say nothing of the MSM. The National Review seems an arbitrary target, is all.


So THIS was the winter storm of the century the news went on about for days? Storms of the century aren't what they used to be.

Just returned from South Dakota, and I continue to be flummoxed by the inability of restaurants in that region to cook, of all things, a simple steak. I am loathe to return an improperly cooked steak, as doing so eradicates the restaurant's entire profit margin for my table and the next table over.

As such, I was content with my "rare" NY strip that featured no sear, and not even the slightest hint of pink. It was more Nike than cuisine. At least I wasn't buying.



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