Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Musings

Vikings Victory! Everything is amazing except for things that are not Minnesota football, most of which is awful.


A brief PSA. If you want to give to an organization that is really doing work in Haiti. Like, feeding people, saving lives, educating... No politics or BS... Visit

There are opportunities to give of your time and money. Do so, if you feel so inclined.


On Facebook, a friend of mine asked this: "in what world is Glee better than The Office or 30 Rock". Answer: This one.

This is a country that is predisposed to reject art as hubris. We despise talent, and worship mediocrity. Gone is the fundamentally American ideal of aspiration, the notion that one can learn from the great to become great. In it's place, the notion that everyone is great.


In related news, Avatar won the Golden Globe for best drama.


Want to adopt a Haitian baby? Great idea! Not so, says idiots. Per the Guardian (UK):

The Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCICS), a US advocacy organisation, said it had received 150 enquiries about Haitian adoption in the last three days. Usually there are 10 a month.
Great! Let's use this as an opportunity to find loving homes for babies at risk of death.

"Bringing children into the US, either by airlift or new adoption during a time of national emergency, can open the door for fraud, abuse and trafficking," JCICS said in a statement.

Let me get this straight. People with large and welcoming homes, who can (by way of biology) make children at their leisure, are subject to bureaucratic red tape, in their endeavor to adopt the poorest, most vulnerable babies on Eart. All because they might be fraudulent?

Let me refresh the short memory of the idiots at JCICS. There was an earthquake. These children are starving to death. Their parents are dead. They will be too unless they can be helped.

Here's what's happening, here and abroad. Thousands of well-intentioned (but talentless) college kids graduate with meaningless degrees and a desire to help people very hard. Alas, they also want jobs that will pay them $40k per year, along with fancy benefits. All the costs associated with adoption go to these idiots. A child drop would render them inessential. This is job preservation, at the expense of human life.

The odds of a child being exploited are real, but pale in comparison the relative certainty of death in Haiti. That the JCICS is willing to put forth a statement condemning these kids in the name of their own careers makes me sick.

I know... Nuance, nuance, nuance... But I have a point...


So Scott Brown might actually defeat Martha Coakley in Massachusetts. I'm not holding my breath, but I'll make this observation. Per genetics, in-breeding leads to retardation.

Now, Martha Coakley is not retarded, but she is unpleasant, unintelligent, and inarticulate. In political terms, that's as close to disabled as it comes. Martha Coakley reminds me of the librarian at the public library who makes you leave a computer station after 15 minutes, even if there is nobody waiting for the computer station.


On Haiti: Every time there is a natural disaster, you can expect Pat Robertson to gloat theologically. That's what he does.

You can also expect left-wingers to sift right-wing commentary for signs of indifference to the Haitian plight. How is this substantially different? Citing others for politicizing a crisis is the same as politicizing a crisis.

Case in point: Sojourners, which has devoted a half-dozen posts to criticizing Pat Robertson, but not a single one to encouraging people to support Haitian relief or encouraging the government to do the same.



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