Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get Ready To Be Hungry

As a white male blogger, I love sushi. I like the taste of it, the purity of it, the culture behind it. Warehouse type spaces with track lighting and earth tones evoke a sort of Pavlovian response. I'm no good at art galleries.

Nothing excites me more than bellying up to the sushi bar for a nice plate of...

This is real people. It's maker, Giapponese Sushi of Woodbury (snicker) claims this is Mango chicken. Credit the restaurant for a (presumably) honest representation of the dish, but why would you want what is pictured inside of you. At best, it looks like soggy chili fries.

According to the website, diners may also opt for grilled Hawaiian Walu. What's that?


Hawaiian Walu is a branding mutation of escolar. Escolar is notable for it's creamy texture, courtesy of an undigestable wax. Sound delicious? Consider the means by which an unidgestable wax might exit the body. None of them are fun, I assure you.

So why this aquamarine enema to customers? Because it tastes decadent (a sushi joint's gotta compete with Red Lobster's grease-fests somehow, I suppose), and because it's relatively cheap. Some sushi places offer it (though not, for example, Origami) because customers want it, but clearly label the fish for what it is.

So yeah, when Giapponese Sushi boasts that it offers "Kobe Beef Ribeye" (for $40, half the price of the cut itself), I wouldn't just take their word for it.

Worth the trip to Woodbury? You be the judge.


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