Monday, February 22, 2010

A post-mortem account

Me: (Having died in some damn car crash) Wow. So we really do wear robes.

Michael Jackson: Like 'em? I designed them myself.

Me: Michael Jackson? I was expecting God.

Michael Jackson: People have really high expectations of me.

Me: No. But seriously.

Michael Jackson: Here, take this scarf.

Me: Scarf? I....

Michael Jackson: Watch me twirl and disappear! (He does son)

Me: Well. Scarf's better than hell. Hey look, I have swords for hands.

Walter Matthau: (Drinking a Miller High Life) Now yer talkin'.

Me: You livin' the High Life, Walt?

Walter Matthau: Yes I am.

Me: Summmbitch... Summmbitch...

(Michael Jackson re-appears, wearing a fedora and ice skates.)


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