Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Musings - Tuesday Style

I was too busy remembering fallen soldiers (by working in the garden) to get these out yesterday, but I'm going to muse extra hard today. Let's roll.

Doesn't "Flotilla" sound like a new frozen drink from Taco Bell?

Some more pressing observations...


I love the opening to this press release from the Free Gaza crazies who organized this shindig o' death.

"Under darkness of night, Israeli commandoes dropped from a helicopter onto the Turkish passenger ship, Mavi Marmara, and began to shoot the moment their feet hit the deck. They fired directly into the crowd of civilians asleep."

I don't know precisely how everything went down, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't like that. I'm sure our friends in Europe and Hamas' more locally useful idiots will have the good sense not to reprint that line verbatim.


The new, pseudo-intellectual (vs. nakedly anti-Semitic) battle cry against Israel is that their response to various attacks is "disproportionate". Even if I subscribe to the notion that Israel's military endeavors should be limited to Munich-style assassinations, seven Israeli troops were injured, vs. a confirmed nine dead.

Given Israel's size, relative to that of its enemies, isn't that precisely, literally proportionate? Should four of the soldiers injured commit ritual seppuku to make the numbers work? Don't answer that, Mr. Ahmadinejad.


So here's what I can gather about the Joe Sestak story...

The Obama administration, presumably out of fealty to Arlen Specter for having made the switch (not the Fox/UPN kind), wanted to get Sestak out of the race, or at least create the appearance of same. In reality, they could not possibly have cared that much, since they low-balled Sestak on the job offer. Sestak (predictably) balked, and then told the media a grand tale about how the White House used a plum position to bait him into leaving the race.

To which, did anyone involved think this through? If the White House wants someone to drop out of a Senate race, they should offer a job that is the equivalent of a senate seat. Otherwise, don't bother, since the schmuck is likely to report the story to the press. Sestak, in a transparent, but ill-advised, move to appear as the maverick outsider, inflated the story to make it seem like he turned down a dream job to serve the people of Pennsylvania.

Then, instead of just saying "we had two excellent candidates, and wanted to find a way for both of them to help make hopeychange," Rahm decides to double-down by producing an evasive memo.

Congratulations, idiots. You have managed to turn one of the more routine non-stories of any presidency into a full-blown scandal. This is the Chicago Way as directed by John Hughes.

What's weird is that the Obama administration claims Bill Clinton was sent as an emissary to negotiate this nonsense. If that's true, what the hell has happened to Bill Clinton? The old, Carville-years Clinton would have just thrown a male stripper's body in Sestak's trunk and called it a day. He's starting to seem like Robert DeNiro's character from Jackie Brown.


Even better, these putzes will be handling high-stakes negotiations over Iran's nuclear weapons program. Fantastic.


Eugene Robinson has a piece on (I think) the oil spill entitled "Adm. Cool in a Very Hot Seat". And people ask why print journalism is dying.


Let's talk film. I have, for years, been meaning to see Au Revoirs Les Enfants. I have now done so, and can report that it was worth the wait. I love it when movies don't cheat, and this one never does. It earns its one powerful moment with gorgeous screenwriting. Go see.


Let's talk food. I have, for weeks, been meaning to go to Spoonriver. I have now done so, and can report that it's relatively benign. I like restaurants that make an effort to keep things fresh and healthy, and the veggie burger is a standout. But a place with fresh lettuce growing on premises should make far better salads.

Those who bemoan the lack of "real" bbq would do well to head to Champlain and try Q Fanatic. Lost amidst a sea of more popular chains, this family-run deal features the good stuff, eschewing the brown sugary nonsense we call sauce (and which I'll cop to rather enjoying) in favor of more intense vinegar-based stuff. The portions are also absurd. Wife and I literally brought home 2.6 lbs. of leftovers (yes, I weighed it).

St. Clair broiler wins the award for most average restaurant in the Twin Cities. It's not at all expensive, but isn't a dive. It's not bland, but isn't very interesting. It has beer and wine, but not hard liquor. It's not quite a chain, but isn't independent either. If you work as a manager at a nearby bank, this is where you eat for lunch every day of your life.

Regular readers know I am borderline obsessed with Victory 44, but you must try the dessert platter. It comes with a dessert amuse, literally a pre-dessert dessert. Also, the lobster pasta is positively electric, and they have a nice patio.


Wow. 861 words in 41 minutes. Hope you enjoyed the typos. Drop out of school, kids.


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