Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Idiocy on Israel

While Americans read the back and forth on the Israeli effort to defend its blockade against the Gaza clowns, Europeans get to read propoganda, straight from the horse's mouth.

Here's Ahdaf Soueif on the Israeli Flotilla incident.

Title: Israel reveals its true face


This will count. A flotilla of relief boats attacked in international waters.

It was actually an Israeli blockade, and they... Oh, facts don't matter.

Armed commandos boarding a vessel carrying supplies for a besieged civilian population.

How dare Israel arm its commandos. Show me one other nation that arms its commandos.

More than 10 peace activists reported killed.

Nine, but again, facts matter to European writers the way they matter to the New York Times. Which: not at all.

This has to be made to count.

But don't get too into the counting, cause I might have exaggerated a little bit.

The dead have joined Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurndall, James Miller and Brian Avery in giving up their lives for the Palestinians... Each and every one of them ultimately believed that they were safe; that there was a boundary – call it a boundary of legality,

The sniper who shot Hurndall was sentenced to eight years in prison. Rachel Corrie dove in front of a bulldozer, with predictable results. The person who shot James Miller has been disciplined, and was investigated, but could not be determined as the person who caused death in this instance. Brian Avery is still alive, and was given $150,000 by the Israeli government. Sounds like the boundary of legality to me.

a boundary of civilisation – that Israel would not cross. They were wrong. And in proving them wrong, Israel has revealed, once again, its true face to the world.

Right. Israel has shown it's true, uncivilized faith. Just come out and say it, toots.

This face, of course, the Palestinians know well.

I bet they do.

They see it every day in the teenage soldiers of the occupation chewing gum as they dish out humiliations, in the settlers shooting young Palestinians with impunity, in the soldiers firing gas canisters at the heads of demonstrators.

Yep, that's those Israelis, munching on gum, and executing people at will.

The world saw that face in January last year when Israel unleashed the might of its air force on Gaza – the only time in modern warfare that a civilian population was sealed in as it was being bombed and shelled.

If this sounds pretty much made up, that's because it is.

So never mind the multimillion-dollar public relations campaign

Seriously? This author is accusing Israel of winning the IHOPing public relations campaign? What about the claim that Israeli commandos executed humanitarians as they slept? You know, the one your paper ran verbatim?

the only link between Israeli words and Israeli deeds is this: Israel uses words as a decoy and an obfuscation and a cover for its deeds.

And you think the New York Times is batshit crazy.

Western governments are fond of holding up Israel as the "only democracy in the Middle East". So should we assume that the Israeli people are behind their government? That they approve these killings?

Probably. I know I do.

Last month I was at al-Quds University in Abu Dis. Israel's wall shaved the edge off the campus. On it, in tall blue letters, a Palestinian student had written: "My Israeli sisters: this is not the answer."

Well that settles that argument. Once something is written on a wall, it is no longer in dispute.

A few days ago, young Jewish Israeli activists told me they saw that the only hope for their country lies with the international community.

Those young, Jewish, Israeli activists are profoundly naive, as Ahdaf ably demonstrates.

My anger and my sadness are so great that I have to deliberately draw a deep breath from time to time to ease the bands I feel around my chest.

Good to Ahdaf is emotional about this. Otherwise, I would not have been inclined to take her seriously.

It doesn't matter. What does matter is that millions of people in the world are feeling the same.

No, actually that doesn't matter either. Millions of people in this world worship fire. Literally. Worship. Fire. It doesn't matter what millions of people think. People are crazy.

People everywhere see and understand what is happening. Many of us feel that Palestine is nearing its South Africa moment.

Now the bands around my chest are in a twist. Anyone who thinks the situation between the Israelis and Palestinians is somehow analogous to South African Apartheid is flatly ignorant.

More civil bodies will insist on divestment from companies that do business with Israel.

This is true. To which, I hereby pledge to do business with companies who do business with Israel, and I encourage you to do the same, contra the lying scoundrel who wrote this piece.

The price of Israel's action today has to be to put the issue of sanctions squarely on the table.

I'll say this. If Obama heeds this call, he will make Jimmy Carter look like Abraham Lincoln.

Thanks for the crazy, Ahdaf.


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