Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday Musings

Fireworks are amazing. Take that, Afghanistan! Let's muse...


The raw milk debate is heating up. I recently got far too engaged in a debate on the Simple, Good and Tasty blog on this issue.

By my lights, the battle over raw milk boils down to the question of whether emotion should trump data. The emotion side cites anecdotal examples of kids getting utterly ruined by the stuff. The data side notes that such anecdotes are rare.

Naturally, lawyers prefer the emotional arguments, and they are circling like sharks over dairy farms in Minnesota. As such, expect this to quickly become a partisan issue, where Republicans are for legal raw milk, and liberals (in an effort to placate lawyers) will try to forge a highly regulated solution.


Apparently, the revamped Taste of Minnesota is drawing poor reviews from vendors. The $20 admission fee seems like an over-correction to the "take all comers" policy of previous events.

The Taste had become an open invitation to poor urban youths to stake their territory, or whatever the hell it was they were doing. Five bucks would be sufficient to keep the trash out, but apparently organizers thought the public would be enthusiastic about the opportunity to pay $20 to see, um, The Counting Crows?

Is there anyone under the age of fifty making decisions for this event?


Last Comic Standing continues tonight. In order to entice viewership, we are offered this line, from one enterprising comic:

"I saw a camel with real tiny humps. I hope she has a good personality."

That is a flatly unfunny joke.


The Washington Post writes this:

IT'S ALMOST time to say goodbye to the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP), the $700 billion bailout fund that pretty much everyone hated, even though it arguably saved the U.S. economy.

Saved the economy from what? We were told it would save us from double-digit unemployment, but that certainly was not the case.

Are we supposed to take it on faith that we were saved from something, by virtue of giving banks enormous sums of cash, which they promptly stored in reserve? Why? To which ideological argument does this argument conform?

If something "arguably" occurred, shouldn't there be an argument that it, in fact, occurred?


The best answer to the question above is a banal Sarah Palin joke. The snickering you hear is the sound of me winning the argument.


I just made a walnut beet salad. For you imperial stout fans, I've found a meal that can stand up to the stuff.

Peel and boil a couple of beets. In the interim, pan-fry 1/4 cup of walnuts with olive oil and a tbsp of brown sugar. Once the beets are done (15-20 minutes), dice them and add to the pan. Pan fry for about five minutes, cool, and top with gorgonzola and a drizzle of dark balsamic.

FYI, beets are a pretty difficult vegetable to ruin. Once they are boiled or roasted, they pretty much do what you want them to, like Al Gore after a couple of eco-friendly chardonnays.

People avoid them because the canned version is so disgusting. Same goes for Al Gore, now that I think of it.


You know what's weird? I haven't even heard from Barack Obama in over a week. I'll assume he's on vacation. When Bush was president, we heard about his vacations, from the moment they began. Alas, the press gives this guy a break because it loves him.

That said, I was always aware that George W. Bush was president. Maybe it's better to piss off the press. Makes us feel like we have a leader.


So, at what point do Twins fans begin to notice that Joe Mauer is not beginning to earn his contract. After posting arguably the best positionally-adjusted season in MLB history, he is now fourth in the MLB at his position.

That makes him overpaid to the tune of $8 million per year. Sucks when your premier player is a catcher. Suffices to say, the Tigers don't have that problem.


In restaurant news...

Finally had a chance to head to Corner Table, a pioneer in farm to table cuisine in the Twin Cities. Most of what we had was very good. Be sure to catch to nosh plate, bits of this and that with different preparations. A large will feed 2-4 for $9.

I wish my chicken confit w/poached egg entree was a bit lighter. A magnificent spinach ensemble was the only respite from a see of creamy grains underneath. That said, the egg and chicken were exquisite. My wife's pasta moreso.

With the summer produce season in full swing, make your way there.


After two meals at Adelitas on Central, I am not convinced that it is ready to join the top tier of Mexican places in the cities. On a previous visit, I was impressed by the cuisine, which seemed to combine authentic and "Tex-Mex" sensibilities into a seamless whole.

However, the service is a real problem, they still serve 3.2 beer, and my salsa verde had no flavor whatsoever. Adelitas is, by a mile, better than La Casita, it's neighbor to the north, but compared to the amazing fare on the south side, it's just not there yet.


My tomatoes are falling over. I have no solution for this. I must leave.


Blogger Ranty said...

Stake or cage the tomatoes?

7:05 PM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

Cage. We are doing raised beds this year, which has yielded tomato plants the size of trees.

9:44 PM  

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