Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Musings

After a windy weekend, Fox Nine storm prophet Keith Marler predicts heat... Let's add fuel to the fire.


Washington Post has a good op-ed (their conservative writers are rather less hackish, and far more literate, than their celebrity lefties) on health care reform in Massachusetts. I found this noteworthy:
"But much didn't change. Emergency rooms remain as crowded as ever; about a third of the non-elderly go at least once a year, and half their visits involve "non-emergency conditions."
Now, the talking point that we would save money on health care because poor people wouldn't be going to the emergency room as a last resort was always based on myth. There was no evidence that we could introduce significant cost savings by changing this behavior.

But you would think that subsidizing health insurance would, you know, change the behavior. If we can't even persuade citizens in this country to wait and go to the doctor for minor ailments, we have no hope of introducing any sort of affordable universal health care coverage. No hope whatsoever.


And yes, I know Mitt Romney was the man behind the ill-fated health care overall. I was for McCain, thank you.


I've been watching the ads for the DFL primary (which: overkill), and I have to say this is the most sterile, banal crop of political advertisements I have ever seen. I get what they're doing. The Dems see a pickup opportunity (one of a very small handful nationwide), and don't want to carve each other apart.

And so we are treated with treacly nonsense about how each of these candidates is a Minnesota institution that loves farmers and kids more than anything, unlike that son of a bitch Tom Emmer who sided with Tim Pawlenty when he destroyed farmers and kids for no apparent reason.

My question? Since none of these ads are actually saying anything, won't this make the primary about inertia and name recognition? If so, doesn't that stick the Democrats with Mark Dayton as their nominee?

If I were the Democrats, I would get to mudslinging posthaste.


I have come to the conclusion that we need two sets of weather-people, one for the cities and suburbs, and one for the exurbs and rural areas. I am tired of every single newsroom going into hysterics every time there is a thunderstorm in Willmar, to the detriment of 90% of their viewership.

On Saturday, I just turned the TV off and made delicious hummus, like everyone else who lives in the city.

Brian McLaren likes allies. That stands to reason, given that the man never seriously addresses, nor even seems to encounter, those with whom he disagrees.

In his meditation on allies, he cites Christian and Jewish allies of Jewish and Muslim people, among them, Birthright Unplugged (!) and ICAHD.

From Birthright Unplugged's website:

Our early mission was built around the rejection of the notion of a “birthright,” as embodied in fully-funded trips to Israel designed solely for Jewish people.
Yikes... ICAHD is operated by Jeff Halper, an Israeli Jew who is notorious for repeating Palestinian propaganda as fact. From their booklet entitled "Counter-Rhetoric":

But the Palestinian leadership, including Hamas, and the entire international community are united in calling for a two-state solution on the 1967 borders, something Israel is not willing to agree to.

Hamas is calling for a two-state solution? Um, no, and you have to be ignorant and naive (like McLaren) or dishonest (like Jeff Halper) to say as much. Hamas' charter famously calls for the destruction of Israel, and the organization has, to put it mildly, walked the walk on that score.

It is depressing that McLaren finds alliance with anti-Semites and liars, but he is hardly alone. Halper is a frequent speaker at Presbyterian church events, and has quite a bit of cache among the Christian left.



What's not depressing? Q Fanatic. Especially when they have they're rocking their ghost pepper BBQ sauce. The place is getting some publicity, as evinced by the long (but worth it) line on Friday night. Go see.


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