Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday Musings

Long time, no blog... Let's muse...

Harry Reid:

The GOP is betting on failure.

Um, no. We won that bet. You failed. We now are running on it.


E.J. Dionne

The minute you say there are racist elements at the tea parties -- reflected in signs at rallies, billboards, and speeches from some of its major figures -- the pushback goes from cries of persecution to charges that those who are criticizing divisiveness are themselves the dividers.
Two points. First, it is a common rhetorical device, and a pet peeve of mine, to cast an opponents arguments as "crying" or "screaming". The goal is to make their point seem inherently irrational, the product of emotion. It is simply a form of poisoning the well.

Second, that's not the pushback. The pushback is that you have lost the intellectual argument, and are simply calling people names.


Minneapolis is a finalist for the 2012 Democratic convention. Can we play host to two losing parties in a row? I hope so, but then we'll hear about the "curse of Minnesota" or some such absurdity.


Johnny Northside comments on the propensity of graffiti vandals to post pictures of their droppings on the internet. Theoretically, this should make it easy for the police to locate the most prolific offenders. Alas, our mayor is ideologically opposed to the idea of cops, and so they continue to flaunt the evidence of their lawlessness.

He also gives readers the opportunity to play internet sleuth, and I will extend the same to you. Or you can just read the comments on the photos and be depressed at the state of humanity. That's what I did.,shock


Went to South Dakota to visit in-laws, who live in the metropolis of Aberdeen. Due to liquor license allocations, there are no sit-down chain bar/restaurants like Applebees. As a by-product of this, the locally-owned, established bar/restaurants in Aberdeen mimic the chains, right down to the ridiculous wall tsotchkes.

Just a thought before everyone goes about blaming chain restaurants for our culinary decline. They are, sadly, simply meeting a demand.


Does anyone have a recipe that calls for about ten zucchinis?


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