Monday, August 02, 2010

Monday Musings - August edition

This is month is totally going to kill it. It's time, people. Let's muse...


From, I'm not exactly sure what sort of image I would associate with the tragic act of drowning, but I'm pretty sure it isn't this...

...isn't it. I know there have been budget cuts, but having Ron Schara do your design work is probably a mistake.


We can all breathe a sigh of relief, folks. Our lawmakers saw the problem, and acted boldly and bravely. The scourge of Salvia, aka "Sally-D", is ended.

We are saved. No longer will we be treated to bizarre YouTube videos with teenagers pretending that they are getting high off this lovely perennial. Also, starvation is probably solved.


Don't worry though, there are plenty of other non-drugs masquerading as drugs. Next on the list? K-2, a synthetic marijuana knockoff. As was the case with Salvia, K-2 was brought to the attention of lawmakers by a mother of an Iowa teenager who offed himself at some point after having used the drug.

To which, and I'm going to sound like a grue, why are my rights and responsibilities dictated by the incoherently emotional reaction of distraught parents?

Some bimbo teen gets drunk and starts texting while driving 105 mph plows into a tree, and I can't use a cell phone while driving. Some clod gaffer tapes his newborn to the dashboard, gets into an accident that sets off the airbag, and parents have to keep kids in car seats until they're 14 years old. Somebody's kid likes the taste of paint, and suddenly basic home renovations cost an extra $10k.

Why? Because casual cell phone use and lead paint and seven year olds outside of car seats are resulting in thousands of deaths? No. It's because the wisdom of aggrieved parents is considered unassailable. They project their inherent culpability onto us, and our lawmakers respond in kind.

Buckle your kids in the back seat? Cancel the texting plan for your half-literate daughter? Clean the paint chips on the floor? Listen to your kid when he tells you he wants to kill himself?

Impossible. Such suggestions hold parents (gasp!) accountable for the deaths of their own kids. Which they are, and that's why we call them parents. I'm certainly not, and I have no interest in comporting my behavior to the lowest common denominator.


Caught Inception, the buzz movie du jour, over the weekend. I'm not quite so enamored of the film as others seem to be (it presently ranks #3 on the IMDB top 250). The exposition was too raw, a consistent weakness in Nolan's work, and he borrowed too much equity from the actors themselves (Michael Caine in particular) in sketching the characters.

Still, it's a beautiful film, and especially fun to look at against the backdrop of the Heights theater on Central. That place is gorgeous, and they have free refills on small popcorn. Go see.


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