Thursday, August 05, 2010

New Minnesota State Fair Food

The time has arrived! The Minnesota State Fair has announced it's lineup of new foods to try. Here are some highlights, and where to find them.

Deep fried eel on a stick: Peterson's Joy-Joy stand

Donchos - Doughnut holes stuffed with nacho cheese: Mama Mi Casa's (food building)

Deep fried beets: Vegetables r' us

"Hog Tied" - Boiled eggs wrapped in pig rectums and served with a whiskey chocolate sauce: O'Murphys Irish Stand

Donchoritos - Donchos wrapped with sausage in a corn tortilla and deepfried: Mama Mi Casa's

Lutefisk n' Berries: Anders' Heritage Stand

Deep fried skin shavings: The Faces of Meth Exhibit

Sri Racha Root Beer: International Bazaar

Chirping Crickets (free): Minnesota DFL

Doncho-Donchos - A donchorito smothered in caramel and topped with donchos: Mama Mi Casa's

The Weatherman - Vanilla Soft Serve floating in a jar of Keith Marler's tears: Fox 9 Booth

TWO pickles on a stick: The Pickle Stand

Potatos fried to hell: Everywhere

Hyundai full of cookies: Sweet Martha's

Placenta on a stick: The Miracle of Birth building

Grapes: The Why Do We Bother? Stand

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