Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Musings: Fall Edition

No blogs last week! Everyone died. No readers left. Let's muse.


Watched Avatar this weekend. So many questions.

First, why did this movie need to be nearly three hours long? What happened in that plot that could not have been communicated in 90 minutes?

Second, if you are going to spend 10 years making a movie, why allow dialogue like "we're not in Kansas anymore!".

Third, why didn't Sigourney Weaver just rewrite the damn screenplay herself? Heck, they could have just filmed her doing it, in Avatar form. Clearly, audiences did not give a damn what was happening on the screen anyway. Just put a pink mushroom behind her or something.

What an awful film. My wife fell asleep halfway through. Thanks for the backup, honey.


We are both thankful that we didn't piss away $26 to see it in the theaters. That said, wouldn't you pay $26 (or $13 per person) to get three hours of your life back? What was the opportunity cost of a family of four watching this movie? $200?


Speaking of opportunity costs, the Tea Party of Delaware decided to elect Christine O'Donnell. About which, some thoughts:

1) I worry that the Tea Party has become less about ideology than about revolution. Instead of promoting conservatism, the movement has become more about rejecting the establishment. This, ironically is the sort of progressive (and, to use the common parlance, fascist) ideal the Tea Party claims to decry.

2) In fairness, just as the state of Delaware scarcely represents the Republic, so does a small percentage of its electorate broadly represent a movement.

3) Two things are nearly certain: Christine O'Donnell will not be the next senator from Delaware, and the press will pretend that she singularly represents the opposition to Obama's platform.

I wish her the best, but I expect the worst.


The opposite applies to Lisa Murkowski, who has decided to mount a Quixotic write-in campaign in Alaska, having lost to Tea Party candidate Joe Miller.

Obviously, the best case scenario for her would be to, de facto, represent the Democratic party in this election. But if she gets elected, she'll be in no-man's land. I know the money is good, but is it really worth that sort of continual awkwarness?


Since I bashed on Avatar, I do feel compelled to recommend The Road, another Oscar-hopeful that was superior on order of magnitude.

The film failed at the box office because it makes The Road Warrior seem like a light-hearted comedy*, and it failed with critics because film critics devour Cormac McCarthy novels like candy bars, and nothing can live up to the original of a Cormac McCarthy novel EVAH!!!!.

If Cormac McCarthy had written a book called Avatar, there would be no film criticism, as every brain of every film critic would have exploded in November of 2009.


To which, my mom and I watched the Road Warrior when I was three years old. Repeatedly. I literally learned the difference between left and right by being asked to fast-forward through the rape scene. Not kidding. Maybe that's why I'm right handed.

My dad rented Fritz the Cat for me when I was nine, but I get where he was going with that one. I was as bored with it as he knew I would be.


Enough of politics and Freud. How about food? So much to share.

I'll just note that the ethnic food scene in Minneapolis has substantially involved since the time I started this blog.

Let's start with T's place, on Lake Street, just East of the light rail. The roti prata and chicken curry should be enough to feed two, and enough to prompt you to sell yourself on the streets. That is good food. Service was slow on my visit, on account of the owner seems to be the only employee, but for that food at those prices, forget about it.


About a year ago, the former crew at Little Szechuan in St. Paul left to form Grand Szechuan in Bloomington. Reward them by ordering some dan dan noodles and chung king chili chicken. Between this place, Evergreen, and the ever-expanding Tea House franchise, it looks like there is finally a decent Chinese food scene in our state.


If you thought there already was a decent Chinese food scene in our state, cease reading.


If you find yourself deep into the Exurbs (say, Lakevalley-ish), do make it a point to hit up Satay2Go. It's Malaysian, which is a hybrid of, well, just about everything that happens in Asia. The satay itself is great (it had better be), and the curry is good as well.


Until next week, friends, ignore as many children as you possibly can.


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