Tuesday, November 02, 2010

And that's a wrap

Well, for me it is.

In a major disappointment, Harry Reid defeated Sharron Angle to retain his role as Senate Majority Leader. While this could prove to be a pyrrhic victory, as he'll remain a punching bag, I'd rather have a senator than a punching bag.


California voted no on legalizing pot, which is ironic considering how that state has opted to conduct itself over the last two decades. That marijuana is illegal in this country is as understandable as it is intellectually absurd. A shame California missed an opportunity to take leadership, but what else is new?


Per Facebook, a lot of Minnesota friends I know to be very conservative seemed awfully confused as to how to vote. That explains a lot. If you can't take the time to research who to vote for, you cannot complain about taxes, crime or jobs. You just can't.


CNN has added a standing cabal to their two existing panels. Elliot Spitzer is involved. This is chaos.


Haven't seen Alex Castellanos in awhile.


The three judges who supported same-sex marriage who were up for re-election in Iowa have been ousted. This has been portrayed as a reminder of the power of social issues, but I am not so sure. Keeping the big ideas out of the courts is a fundamental component of the nascent libertarian movement within the Republican party. I think that's driving the decision at least as much as opposition to gay "rights".


Crap. Governors race down to two percent. How can I go to sleep now?


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