Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Early Results

As predicted, Christine O'Donnell got her witch hat handed to her. The race was called immediately after poll close.

Thus far, nothing surprising, and if there isn't anything surprising by this point, the prediction of a house/senate split should hold.


To which, the tea party looks poised for a 50/50 split. Marco Rubio held, and if his 50% total holds, he'll be getting presidential buzz. Rand Paul held Kentucky, but possibly cost a house seat in the process. Ron Johnson seems likely to add a seat viz. Wisconsin Senate, offsetting the O'Donnell piss-away. Angle and Reid are, by all accounts, tied.

Given the Tea Party's impact on the enthusiasm gap, I'll take that.


This commercial has people smelling real cat urine. You know what is a good idea when you are selling kitty litter? Using creativity.


Oh dear, Fox News is to the clipboards already. Can we just retire this meme? It is not entertaining, nor refreshingly old-fashioned.


At this point, the New York Times is writing "disappointing night for the GOP" type headlines. It is never disappointing to take the House by 20 seats, and the New York Times is hardly going to be celebrating.


While I'm tampering my expectations, over at FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver is upping his expectations. Both of our forecasts are sitting at 57-58 right now.


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Was Rubio born in the US?

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