Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An Interview with Brett Favre

Every now and then, my blog affords me the opportunity to talk with personalities and major newsmakers. Today, I’d like to welcome back Brett Favre, Quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, who are coming off the departure of Randy Moss, along with a couple of tough road losses. Without any further adieu, Brett, welcome to TPWK.

Brett: It’s good to be here. Right?

TPWK: Um, that’s really in the eye of the beholder.

Brett: No, I mean, it’s GOOD to be HERE…. RIIIIGHT?

TPWK: You are speaking now as though you are concealing your true meaning.

Brett: The PARTY starts NOW.

TPWK: Indeed it does. Now, you had lobbied Green Bay to bring Randy Moss on board. How does his departure affect your gameplan going forward?

Brett: Oh, I get it. I get it. MOSSMAN IN THE HOLE. Right *winks*

TPWK: You seem to be distressed.

Brett: I don’t know what you are talking about. Do you have a camera?

TPWK: Yes. Most people do.

Brett: Right. We’re on the same page, here.

TPWK: Not at all. So, the Vikings are sitting at 2-5. In order to have even a shot at the playoffs, your team will have to finish by winning seven of nine games.

Brett: That’s not exactly true.

TPWK: Pardon.

Brett: There’s a lot of rumors swirling out there. Many of them false.

TPWK: Well, I’m basing this on the standings.

Brett: Yeah, the “standings”.

TPWK: Your are doing the quote thing with your fingers.

Brett: Am I?

TPWK: Yes. In fact, you are doing it still, even though you aren’t saying anything.

Brett: Why don’t you say what you mean to say?

TPWK: I have done so to the best…

Brett: Alright… Fine, the cat’s out of the bag.

TPWK: There’s a cat.

Brett: I’m running for office.

TPWK: Wow. This is quite the announcement. Are you running for governor, or…

Brett: You don’t get it, do you?

TPWK: Nope.

Brett: This is bigger than politics. We’re talking big leagues.

TPWK: I do not know what constitutes “big leagues” in this analogy.

Brett: Think about it. Where are we right now?

TPWK: On the blogosphere.

Brett: Exactly, but I don’t exist, do I?

TPWK: You assuredly do.

Brett: Do I?

TPWK: Yes, you are arguably the most famous face in football.

Brett: What happens if I do this?


Brett: Now you see.

TPWK: You didn’t do anything.

Brett: That’s what they all say. I have two words for you. Opaque transient.

TPWK: Those are, indeed, two words.

Brett: And you still have the camera?

TPWK: Yes. Again, this is a common thing in America.

Brett: Go and do likewise, sir. Go and do likewise.

TPWK: Wow, he disappeared.

Randy Moss: But I made him this peach cobbler.

TPWK: Sorry Randy.

Randy Moss: It’s alright… It’s alright.

TPWK: So, were you under the couch this whole time, or…


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