Monday, November 01, 2010

Minneapolis 4th District Endorsements part 2

More endorsements. Be sure to vote tomorrow, unless you are an ignorant person, in which case, stay home please. With my voting guide however, that shouldn't be a problem.

Charter Amendment 171: No

The amendment would place responsibility for redistricting school and park boards to a "non-partisan" charter commission. The current system fields members from majority and minority parties to join the existing (and appointed) charter commission in making redistricting decisions.

The proposed change would have the charter commission working with advisory councils, which will be appointed by none other than the charter commission. Seriously? There is too little accountability in this city as it is.

School Board: Rebecca Gagnon

Sigh... I guess. Rebecca's website looks like it is maintained by an insane person, but she is the only one of the candidates to even hint at accountability. The rest of the candidates are typical teachers union hacks who, well, you know what I think of union hacks. Richard Mammen has the enthusiastic endorsement of the Teachers Union, and is particularly problematic. You get two choices, so as long as neither of them are him, you're in as good of shape as one could hope.

County Commissioner - District 1: Mary O'Connor

When getting smacked around by thugs in your own district isn't enough of a wake up call to re-assess your priorities, it's time for you to go. Mike Opat believes, in spite of all evidence, that the best way to revive a flagging district is to invest in civil initiatives. That philosophy has not born fruit.

O'Connor is the Libertarian candidate, and has an ideological approach that will make our region more competitive.

County Sheriff: Rich Stanek

He is running unopposed, and rightly so. With R.T. Rybak trading cops for fountains, we need the competence Stanek provides.

County Attorney: No Endorsement

On the other hand, Michael Freeman is clearly biding time while he waits for higher office. He's running unopposed, so vote for my favorite write-in candidate, Buster Fonz, TV personality and part-time salesman.

Associate Justice 2: Helen Meyer

I wish the judges running for that State Supreme Court had a vision that extended further beyond simply advocating competitive elections for judges. I also wish they would pick their targets a bit better. There is no compelling reason for me to support Greg Werser over Meyer.

Associate Justice 6: Tim Tingelstad

There is, however, plenty of reason to oppose Alan Page, who is a on the court by virtue of having been a football player.

Judge 13: No Endorsement

Roxann Klugman is the challenger, but has allowed to expire her license to practice law. I mean, come on.

Judge 14: Dan Griffith

I have endorsed Dan previously, and he has done nothing to change my mind. Per his website: "it's not just about meaningful elections. It's what you do once you get elected." Correct. It would be easier to support Griffith had he ran against Klugman's opponent, Randolph Peterson, but a vote for change is the right way to go.

Other Judge elections: No endorsements

The election advocacy cabal did an especially poor job selecting targets and promoting their candidacies this year. As such, the only four contested elections are certain victories. That doesn't mean you have to lend your support to a status quo that is redefining the role of the judiciary and, in the case of the 4th district judges, releasing criminals onto the streets. Buster Fonz will have my enthusiastic support in the remaining cases.


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