Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday Musings - Leaked to you by Julian the Baptist

The BCS bowl matchups have been announced. Here is the lineup.

Rose Bowl: TCU vs. Wisconsin

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Connecticut

Orange Bowl: Stanford vs. Virginia Tech

Sugar Bowl: Ohio St. vs. Arkansas

Tostitos game of magic: Auburn vs. Oregon

Oof. That Fiesta Bowl game is just brutal. Had UConn not narrowly outmaneuvered mighty South Florida this weekend, they would have been slated to play my college alumni quiz bowl team in the Deluxe Printing Corp. Bowl next week.

For fun, I did a little experiment. Taking the computers top ten teams (instead of these ten), I came up with a little playoff scenario, where the top six teams get a bye. That yields the following matchups.

Boise State vs. LSU

Wisconsin vs. Ohio St.

Which, if rankings hold, would set up

Wisconsin vs. Auburn

LSU vs. Oregon

TCU vs. Oklahoma

Stanford vs. Arkansas

And that’s just the first round. That’s at least two games that are more interesting that any of the ones currently scheduled. Oh, and the teams have something to play for. Would Tostitos really rather sponsor Oklahoma’s 56-10 win over UConn than a Wisconsin-Ohio St. rematch just because the games is called the Fiesta Bowl?


Oh dear.

Julie Clawson, writing for Sojourners, apparently finds it to be sinful for the government to have secrets. Apparently, we are not entitled to, for example, meet with a country to discuss policies regarding another country without telling that other country. Or something. As such, WikiLeaks is merely revealing our sins of, I dunno, gossip?

The money quote:

“But no one likes being called out on his or her sins. When John the Baptist called out Herod on his sinful ways, he was beheaded to shut him up.”

First of all, unlike Julian Assange, John the Baptist didn’t rape anyone. Second, the passive voice is a bit disingenuous here; Herod was disinclined to kill John the Baptist (because he knew he was righteous), but did so at the behest of his step daughter, so the comparison is nonsensical. Third, John the Baptist called out Herod for his infidelity. Were he around today, the emergent movement would label him judgmental.

Also, this:

“Perhaps WikiLeaks is the martyr that will wake us up to the need to hold our government to those basic standards of morality.”

You can’t martyr a website, sweetie.


On the WikiLeaks thing, shouldn’t our government be, like, doing something? Does Barack Obama only get involved when the bill for his actions top one trillion dollars? JFK and FDR would have had this guy dead by now, having been water-boarded 15,687,533 times.


Hit up Bar La Grassa just after Thanksgiving. Did it live up to the hype? No, but that would simply be impossible. The biggest disappointment was the much ballyhooed lobster and soft eggs. I love me some soft eggs, but these were a bit dry and overdone, though the flavors (and, of course, the lobster) were good. The pastas were excellent, generally on par with those of the 112 Eatery. In particular, the gnocchi and 'nduja raviolo were hits.

The room felt a bit cold to me, and larger groups definitely get premium seating (like the 112, BLG encourages sharing, so this is a very group friendly spot). We were sat beside a pole.


Screw it guys, let's have a sleepover.


Anonymous Jorgy said...

I have to disagree with you on the soft egg & lobster, I thought it was the best of the five bruschetta's I had, and they were all great. Mybe the build up is what killed it for you.

Also, while not defending the guy, the rape charges are highly suspect at best. It seems to boil down to not wearing a condom/sabotaging a condom = rape in Sweden.

12:00 PM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

I think I was expecting something a bit more pillowy. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I got scrambled eggs. Based on pictures I've seen, I wonder if we got shorted a bit on lobster.

John the Baptist never forgot a condom.

12:24 PM  

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