Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 Predictions Reviewed for Accuracy

Prediction: R.T. Rybak will run for governor as the mayor who reduced crime in Minneapolis. This will become his downfall, as opponents are able to tie the inevitable increase in crime to Rybak's decision to take cops of the streets in favor of pretty fountains and buyout for lecherous lesbian firefighters.

Reality: Not only did crime increase, but the year began with a spate of homocides, rendering Rybak's bit something of a non-starter. Somehow, the Democrats managed to field an even more poorly qualified candidate. Thanks, Dems.


Prediction: After some awkward posturing, Conan O'Brien is hired by Comedy Central (and not FOX), officially shifting the television game from network to cable TV.

Reality: Not sure what awkward posturing I was anticipating, but O'Brien did make the switch to cable TV, adding loads of credibility to TBS and doing quite a bit to move the game to cable.


Prediction: The Lions will draft well, to which sportswriters will respond by declaring the team a sleeper to grab a wild card spot. The Lions will not win a wild card spot.

Reality: The Lions drafted well, were declared a sleeper to grab a wild card spot, and did not win a wild card spot.


Prediction: The Vikings will not win the Superbowl, and their fans will not win their battle to build a new stadium.

Reality: The Vikings did not win the Superbowl, though a conveniently timed roof collapse would seem to render the new stadium something of a fait accompli.

Prediction: Republicans will come within 4 seats of taking both the House and Senate.

Reality: Half right. The Republicans need for more seats for the Senate, but won the House by a historic margin.


Prediction: Clint Eastwood will direct his final film, which will be hailed as the best of his career, and will become the presumptive favorite in a strong class of Oscar nominees. Richard Jenkins will get an Oscar nomination for his role in a surprisingly watchable remake of Let The Right One In.

Reality: Eastwood isn't done yet, and this year's offering, Hereafter, snapped a huge winning streak. Odd, since Matt Damon does an outstanding job of selecting scripts, and Eastwood knows how to handle end of life issues with subtlety and tact.

Let the Right One In was surprisingly very good, and Chloe Moretz would be a shoo-in for a nomination if the film did better at the box office.


Prediction: Several restaurants will open, or restructure their menus, in a bid to appeal to a recession-induced appetite for giant portions of bland comfort food. At least one-quarter of these establishments will shutter their doors in 2010.

Reality: Forum, Ringo, a new Crave location, BLVD and the absurdly named Wondrous Azian Kitchen opened, and Ringo is already out. That said, Piccolo and Travail opened, Haute Dish is earning raves for allegedly not-at-all-bland comfort food, and most restaurants revamped their menus in order to reflect new talent in the kitchen.


Prediction: Health care will come off the table, as the Democratic congress scatters to pass a flurry of largely symbolic legislation aimed at placating a new-found populism among the electorate.

Reality: Alas, no. Not sure why Obama waited until after the elections to unfurl his relatively moderate new tax plan. Did the Dems really think November was going to be smooth sailing?


Prediction: Mac will suffer a backlash, as budget-conscious consumers refuse to pay a premium for products that only work with proprietary software and hardware. The two-year contract becomes a mere formality, as companies eager to upgrades allow consumers more flexibility.

Reality: The iPad, literally a super-sized version of an existing product that was originally popular by virtue of being small, sold millions of units. Also, I am typing this on a Mac, and I have an iPhone.


Prediction: Norm Coleman will make noise by re-considering his decision not to run for governor. Brett Favre comparisons will abound. He will run, and he will win.

Reality: Nope. He would absolutely have won, and I have to think he would have run had he known how the electoral landscape was shaping up.


Up next: Predictions for 2011!


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