Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The hypocrisy of pacificsm

Finally, a consistent left-wing pacifist, taking the president to task for engaging in war when he ran on a platform of ending wars. Jim Wallis has issued a clarion call to...

Oh, nevermind, he wrote this instead...

The U.S. just started another war. We're good at starting wars. We're not good at ending them, but we start them really well.
The U.S. started a war? Like, as a nation, we just sort of, you know, collectively figured we'd do a war this year? 'Cause before 2009, George W. Bush started wars, so I just figured... No? Okay.

They say this is for "humanitarian" reasons. Aren't they all?

No. Iraq was for the purpose of deposing Saddam and Afghanistan was about going after Al Qaeda. Right or wrong, the war was not principally sold in humanitarian terms

But we still haven't intervened in arguably the clearest humanitarian crisis: Darfur.

Right, because again we do not declare war for humanitarian reasons, because that does not work.

We're not defending civilians against brutal attacks in Bahrain or Yemen.


And we didn't even care about democracy in Egypt until youthful, democratic protesters forced us to restate our values.

True. Sojourners was, in fact, generally pro-Egypt, on account of that nation's hard-line anti-Israel stance. I cared about Democracy in Egypt, though, and still do.

Moammar Gadhafi is crazy, and brutal, and dangerous.

Sounds bad. Let's kill him.

But the U.S. has known many dictators like that and has supported them faithfully for years, as long as they are compliant with our interests.

Correct. So when madmen do not act in our interests, we have a problem on our hands.

But when their craziness makes them no longer compliant, we go to war against them for the humanitarian cause of protecting their people. Right.

Well, that's Obama's reasoning. Or, rather, the "U.S." reasoning, as we have no leader and make decisions as a collective now.

Oh, and then there's oil.

That's important too, yes.

Darfur doesn't have any.

Eh? What does Wallis think is funding the civil war in Darfur? Black market guinea pigs?

Bahrain does, along with a huge U.S. naval base.

But we're not at war with Bahrain either, so what is the point of bringing this up?

And the Saudis, who have come in to crush the democratic protests in Bahrain for their good friends in the royal family, have all the oil.

So why are we in Libya and Afghanistan, and why is it hypocritical for us to be there?

Obviously, no humanitarian concerns there. It's amazing how consistent U.S. foreign policy is from administration to administration, and how little changes when we elect a new president.

Maybe there is a reason for that. Like, perhaps, instead of citing out-of-context scripture in an attempt to sell books, the people who know things are trying to apply that knowledge to policy.

Then there's the cost. We're fighting to protect poor and low-income people against draconian budget cuts,

Draconian? $70 billion out of a $3.5 trillion budget? That's 2% of the overall budget. As a reminder, Draco favored forced slavery, and execution for even minor offenses.

but there is apparently more than enough money for another war.

There is not, as leaders within the House of Representatives has noted. Wallis will probably get around to mentioning this fact, or...

The Republican deficit hawks seem unconcerned about the cost of war.

The hell? We are pinning this war, initiated by Barack Obama at the behest of !@#$ing France, on Republican deficit hawks? THEY are the hypocrites in this scenario? Jim Wallis couldn't be more of a whore if he walked into Barney Frank's office wearing fishnet stockings.

They're busy cutting budgets and deficits by slashing malaria-preventing bed nets... and community health centers.

That latter part refers to Planned Parenthood, by the way.

We've been asking "What Would Jesus Cut?"

I know. I got the e-mail begging for the money to buy wristbands. If there is one thing I love, it's Christian catch-phrases. That said, I'm pretty sure Jesus would cut Planned Parenthood, on account of the baby-killing. Least of these and all that.

Maybe he'd start with cruise missiles.

One thing he would never do? Criticize a sitting Democratic president by name. Jesus took his orders from George Soros.

Seriously though, I am duly shamed for my hypocrisy. Thanks for straightening me out.


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