Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Musings

The Miami Heat spent the weekend losing basketball games and crying in their locker room. That makes me indescribably happy. Let's muse.


Enough with the Planned Parenthood re-branding, already. It's not a woman's education clinic anymore than Kentucky Fried Chicken is a purveyor of vegetarian dishes and sporks. It makes it's money providing abortions. It spends its money providing abortions. If it did not provide abortions, it would cease to exist.

You can agree with that practice if you want, but I know a bucket of chicken when I see it.


We all know that teachers aren't the only public sector employees, right? Like, city inspectors are public sector employees, too. We all know this?

Allow me to make a prediction. If Scott Walker decides to win this game of pseudo-chicken and announces layoffs, the unions will see to it that those let go are sympathetic individuals. Administrators making $225k per year? You're safe.

Single mom who works as an admin to support her four kids? Well, you'll have plenty of time for television interviews, sweetheart. Gotta give it up for the cause.


City Pages has a special food insert more or less devoted to Stewart Woodman, of Heidi's fame.

He has an outstanding response to an Atlantic piece that decided to criticize foodies for no reason. Page 33. Go see.


Mike Huckabee had a pretty disastrous week last week. Talked about Obama's youth spent in Kenya with his dad. Dissed Natalie Portman for no apparent reason.

Have I mentioned that I have no interest in this guy getting the Republican nomination? I have no interest in this guy getting the Republican nomination.


Caught the movie Cyrus last night. I found it a triumph. Surprised to see Jonah Hill can actually act, rather than just staring into the camera and deadpanning.

Also saw The King's Speech at the Heights Theater. An exquisite pairing. That is now my favorite place to watch a movie.


Wife and I headed to Cafe Lurcat for restaurant week. I had somehow assumed the place was coasting on its prime location. It is not. I'd head back for the sea bass, and that was a mighty fine crab cake. Nice work, all around.


I cannot at all recommend On's Thai Kitchen, the new offshoot of Bangkok Thai Deli. Extremely inconsistent food, ketchupy tasting noodle dishes. It's getting lot's of foodie buzz, and aside from it's pedigree, I can't see why.
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I'll stick to Lemongrass, which remains, for my money, the best Thai food in the twin cities.


Let's all just lay off Charlie Sheen, eh? Or at least can it with the dumb jokes on Twitter. Our obsession with drugged up celebrities has become so banal that mocking our obsession with drugged up celebrities has become banal.


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