Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Musings

I like to think that only the toughest snowflakes are still on the ground. Pretty sure science would back that up. Let's muse.


Those who call for civility are uncivil. Those who call for dialogue prefer monologue.

Those who relentlessly called for pacifism during the Bush administration? Haven't heard much from them lately.

The need to hide one's own ideology behind empirical wisdom or altruism intrigues me endlessly.


As I'm working through what I think about the war with Libya, I thought I'd anticipate a challenge to any opposition, namely that Republicans had no problem with war when Bush was at the helm. To which, yes, that is part of my calculation. I don't think Barack Obama knows what he is doing, and I am not comfortable with him authorizing military strikes.

Just look at the manner in which he has engaged Libya. At first, he ignored it. Then, following the lead of the United Nations, he is now leading the charge against it. Instead of making a case for war, he simply buried his announcement in the weekend news cycle (not to mention the NCAA tournament).

The objectives of the mission are far from clear. The administration has already ceded the possibility, even likelihood, that Gaddafi will remain in power. Unlike Iraq, we have no easy allies among the various opposing groups. Even if we did, we wouldn't know who they are.

So yeah, I don't think he's the guy who is going to make that situation better. My guess is he'll use it as Clinton used Iraq. Stay nominally engaged, and fire some missiles whenever he needs a news peg. That worked well.


Car seat insanity has been a pet peeve of mine for awhile. The notion that we are to keep kids in booster seats into their teens is utterly ludicrous, and is forcing people to buy bigger and bigger automobiles in order to accommodate these out of control regulations.

As you can imagine, I unthrilled to read this piece on, calling for, you guessed it, more car seat regulation. Well, technically it doesn't call for more regulation, but you can be certain state legislators will take up the mantel in an effort to win votes from Mom's Against Everything types. Car seat regulations usually have several dozen sponsors and no substantive opposition.

Once on the books, it can't be undone (what, you want to kill kids by loosening car seat regulations? See you at the polls, Mr. Senator), so the time to piss and moan is now, people!


Case in point, Minnesota's ridiculous blue laws prohibiting the sale of liquor on Sundays. With Republicans firmly in control of both chambers, they are making an effort to pass legislation that would allow for liquor sales 365 days per year.

There is absolutely no objective reason why the law should not pass. If alcohol is legal, we should be able to buy it whenever we wish.

Bars and restaurants oppose the legislation, because they believe they would lose business to liquor stores. Liquor stores oppose the legislation, because they believe they wouldn't see an uptick in revenues. One of those groups has been sold a bill of goods.

The Methodists oppose the legislation because they will never miss an opportunity to be wrong. The Minnesota family council opposes the legislation, citing nebulous benefits to the community. The Teamsters oppose the legislation because they oppose anything that requires people to work.

And so a stupid law is likely to remain on the books, because once a law is on the books, a cottage industry develops to defend the status quo, no matter how absurd.


Had dinner at Moto-I on Friday. I like the concept, as there aren't enough Japanese restaurants that aren't sushi bars or (bristle) steakhouses. The food was competent, but a bit uninspired. Lot's of sweet and salty. The house-brewed sake, as always, was great.

Per Twitter, there has been a chef changeover, and a new menu is on the way. I hope so, because it's a cool spot, and Uptown can use better food options.


Dim sum brunch at Yangtze on Saturday. I'll quote a Facebook friend:

"In the land of the blind the one eyed shumai is king."

I think dim sum is fun enough that, when executed competently, it's a worthwhile experience. Yangtze is that, but the old Yummy space was closer to a two-eyed version. Why aren't any of the various Szechuans on top of this?


Blogger MyMinnesotaCSA said...

"Those who relentlessly called for pacifism during the Bush administration? Haven't heard much from them lately."

For real? you must not have many liberal friends on Facebook, because I'm getting fatigued from hearing about it.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Andrew Michael said...

Moto-i is one of my favorite spots...for the sake not the food. I like that they serve it cold. You're first remark had me laughing...i do agree, though.

5:31 PM  
Blogger NPV said...

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6:28 PM  
Anonymous Kevin S. said...


Your CSA blog didn't exactly take off. Any interest in teaming up for a blog this year? We are sharing with another couple who might be game as well.

As for my Facebook friends, I have an even split, but my Democrat friends tend to be a bit more of the realpolitik, party faithful sort.


How is the patio? Is it ridiculously crowded during happy hour? If not, I could definitely see hanging out there.

6:29 PM  

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