Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Musings

Today is not Monday. Today is Tuesday. Let's call it museday.


As it is with the self-proclaimed civility police, so it is with people calling for dialogue. People who want dialogue, dialogue. Those who want to short-circuit dialogue, talk about dialogue.

Solution: When someone asks for dialogue, tell them to shut up. You will never have a worthwhile conversation with anyone who calls for dialogue, unless that someone is a playwright.


While I'm on a roll here. Nobody in possession of any real measure of intellect really cares to discuss intellectualism. People who talk about intellectualism, or have decided they are intellectual, are invariably dolts.

This goes for people who decry anti-intellectualism. See, if someone is anti-intellectual, it should be easy enough to demonstrate as much.

If you want to apply the intellect, apply it.


Apparently, Rob Bell got a six-figure advance for his book in which he essentially denies the existence of hell.

To which, what, exactly is the difference between Bell, who is leveraging unorthodox biblical tenets to drive profits for his ministry, and televangelists who do the same?

You can make a scriptural case for universalism. You can make a scriptural case for Osteen's vision of the prosperity gospel.

Neither position bears much scrutiny. Christianity pretty much is what it is. But both are extremely profitable.

You will never lose money telling people what they want to hear. Sadly, this is nowhere more true than in the Christian religion.


Tonight is the first night of the NCAA tournament. These "play-in" games remind me of the third tier bowl games nobody cares about. Maybe they can get Meineke to sponsor one of the games.

Why does the NCAA insist on making stupid decisions. This would be like the NFL saying "you know what? Let's turn the Superbowl into a three game series."


Japan has been hit by a tsunami. The Middle East is in a state of revolt. The economy is at least reasonably likely to double-dip into recession. What does Barack Obama do?

He pens an article for an Arizona daily about the need for moderation on gun control.


At least he isn't calling for dialogue.


Of course, if he wants to make an enemy of the smartest advocacy group on the planet for no real reason, I'm inclined to let him fall on that sword.


Apparently, I do not know how to eat Bimimbap. Our waitress at Sole Cafe observed our dish, asked "why are you eating it like that?" and proceeded to add rice, hot sauce, and mix the whole thing up.

Korean food needs instructions. Good thing it tastes so awesome.


Victory 44 has bought out the coffee shop next door and opening a deli and high-end coffee shop, featuring house-cured meats, charcuterie and take out foods.

This is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.


We find out baby's gender on March 25. Once it is born, I'll probably be handing over blogger responsibilities to him or her.


OpenID brgulker said...


Have you ever read any of the philosophical or exegetical treatments of Christian Universalism?

Your comments here and elsewhere lead me to believe you haven't, but I don't want to assume.

Namely, to compare the prosperity gospel and christian universalism as two ways of reading the bible that stand with each other on equal footing indicates to me that you've never actually taken a serious look at the subject matter involved with at least christian universalism.


12:56 PM  
Blogger Kevin Sawyer said...

I'm aware of the arguments for it. And have read a number of critiques. Nothing in those critiques, for or against, gives me any indication that the arguments have merit.

3:11 PM  

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