Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Spring snowstorms on the horizon. This is why Minnesotans drink. Let's muse.


Paul Krugman joins my call for doing away with civility. This, on the heels of his blog post, asserting that civility is the last refuge of scoundrels, wherein he accuses Republicans of hypocrisy, w/r/t the civility issue.

Unreal. Let's step back a few months, shall we?

Liberal commentators, politicians and bloggers shed crocodile tears over the Tea Partier's incivility and anger (and racism, but that's another story... It is fair to say the Tea Party was, at times uncivil, and certainly angry). Something bad was going to happen, we were told, unless we would allow the left to herald a "new era of civility".

In response, Republicans wrote things like this:

"The charge of incivility has morphed into an epithet, a way of dismissing valid ideas and contributions. The irony explains why those who call for civility are so infrequently civil themselves.

Bugger that; it's a trap. I'll not take moral lessons from moralists. Give me someone who is forthright and sincere, and leave the self-righteous preening about civility to the pots and the kettles. "

Then, some deranged lunatic tried to off a congressman in Arizona, and the blood was on our hands. See, Republicans were uncivil, creating a climate of hate that, in combination with global warming, prompted an insane man to do what insane men do.

Now, having lost several ideological battles (and having behaved uncivilly in the process), the left is done with civility.

And I'm the hypocrite.


So is Krugman on the till for the next assassination? I think he just raised his hand... His bloody, bloody hand.


This business with debt collectors has to stop. I'm being hassled by some company called "Portfolio Recover Services" over an overdue bill to Ameritech. To which:

Ameritech was bought by SBC in 1999. This was before I had a cell phone, or even a credit card.

They have the wrong address, and I have told them so repeatedly.

The above is important, as they are required to send me something in writing before calling me.

So, to summarize, by virtue of not having my address, this company, which bought a 12 year old debt for somewhere in the vicinity of, oh, 84 cents, is free to hound me for it ad infinitum until I give them my personal address.


I can work to make their life a living hell.


Are we still in Libya? Why?


Watching Carmelo Anthony hoist bricks at the end of the Knicks-Celtics game was a nice bit of schadenfreude for us math geeks who been trying to explain to everyone the dude isn't a very good basketball player. We are told that, because we don't watch the games, we can't understand how awesome these guys who miss tons of shots are.

Well, he just destroyed his team's chances of winning the game. I'm glad I was there to watch it, but I'm pretty sure I could've just looked at the 5-18 FG in his stat line, and drawn a similar conclusion.


Speaking of missed shots, that was a pretty insipid Obama speech last week. My favorite part bit was where he went to great lengths to explain how and why politicians claim they can cut spending by eliminating waste, and then proposed to do just that.

In fact, that has been his proposal since he began running for president. He was going to change the way government worked so that efficiencies would allow us to expand benefits without raising taxes.


Had another meal at Obento-Ya this weekend as part of our "baby is coming, life will be over soon" tour. This is a great place for sushi lovers whose dates are not sushi lovers. As a Japanese restaurant, it's a close second to Tanpopo, but the variety can't be beat.


On a recent trip to Barrio, I had the chance to try the skirt steak sandwich, at the behest of my co-worker who raved about the think. I thought it was tasty, but he was crestfallen at the fact that the bun has changed from a baguette to a cubano-style. Can't see how a baguette would elevate it to a must-have sandwich, but apparently it isn't anymore.

The salsas and guac were, as before, fantastic.


Also grabbed a drink at the Forum. Very Mrs. Havisham. Somebody competent needs to get in there and give that place some life.


Surprisingly delicious? The szechuan beef noodle stew at Szechuan in Roseville. Rich and complicated. For $7, it's just good take out. As a whole, the restaurant is easily the best in Roseville. To which, the two best restaurants in Roseville are a Chinese resto in a strip mall and Mavericks, a roast beef joint in a strip mall.


I'll say this. Keith Marler's assent to local power celebrity has coincided with the worst winter in memory.

Just go to Chicago already, Marler.


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