Monday, May 09, 2011

Tuesday Musings: Slowcarb Edition

I'm on a diet. As you might expect, I am irritable therefore. Let's muse.


Apple was recently recognized as the most valuable brand in the world. That stands to reason. Outside of the clothing and automobile world, what other company so deftly compels it's loyalists to spend a premium to enjoy an inferior product? That company is only brand. Slap a "Compaq" sticker on the stuff, and it is essentially worthless.


Reaping what you sow alert... Sojourners, which recently refused to run a pro-gay ad in its pages, is in hot water with its followers. This barely coherent explanation from Jim Wallis is as priceless as it is tacky. A highlight:

Given the time Sojourners is now spending on critical issues like the imperative of a moral budget, the urgent need to end the war in Afghanistan, and the leadership we are offering on commitments like immigration reform, we chose not to become involved in the controversy that such a major ad campaign could entail, and the time it could require of us.
You see, Sojourners is not opposed to gay biblical equality, it just doesn't have the time for it. Unsurprisingly, this mealy mouth explanation did not appease Sojo's gay supporters. Kimberly Knight writes:

The powerful not wanting to lose their power by standing up for what is right and maybe offending those who foot the bill.
Pretty much. What have you learned, Kimberly?


So R.T. Rybak has jumped in to offer Minneapolis money to pay for the Vikings Stadium AND eight-figures to renovate Target Center.

Here's an idea. If you want something. YOU buy it. Want the Vikings to stay in town, write a check. I could not possibly care less, and so there is no reason why my tax dollars ought to be used to fund a stadium I neither need nor want.

Our city never misses an opportunity to piss away money, so I'm guessing this is a done deal, but it is bloody ridiculous to be spending billions of dollars on stadiums for rich people in this economy. Ridiculous.

If Arden Hills wants a stadium, let Arden Hills buy a stadium.


As for the threat to move the Vikings to Los Angeles, I can think of no better argument as to why we shouldn't be in the business of bailing out bankrupt states. If CA has the cash to be buying stadiums for rich people, I am left to simply assume that it is independently wealthy.


I will support the Target Center renovation if Glen Taylor takes David Kahn out back and shoots him. Until then, that organization is pretty much making its own bed. Why renovate a stadium for a team that is at least 60% likely to be contracted in the next decade?


Brief today... No time... Everyone rant!


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