Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monday Musings

Everything's on fire or underwater... Let's sweat the small stuff.


Sometimes it sucks being the guy who over-analyzes everything. For example, sportswriters have hailed the Detroit Pistons' draft night as a victory. The reason? They drafted a point guard at the eight spot who was projected to go as high as third in the draft.

Only, the point guard in question, Brandon Knight, has yet to demonstrate that he can shoot or pass very well. Most are willing to overlook this inconvenient fact and talk about his "basketball IQ" (a non-falsifiable appellation that makes me cringe) and his team's final four run.

If I were the type to overlook information when forming opinions, I'd have a few months of happiness for myself before the anguish. Ignorance is bliss, as they say.


New York passed legislation legalizing gay marriage this weekend. I don't really care much either way. My position is that government-endorsed marriage should cease to be, as it ceases to have any societal value once you factor in at-will divorce.

However, I am equally certain that gay interest groups will overplay their hand, especially in New York. From a Machiavellian perspective, I hope they do. Let's have a national conversation about whether a church must perform a gay ceremony, or whether scripture constitutes "hate speech". Then, let citizens in the rest of the country decide what it wants to do with marriage.


But can't government use common sense to balance civil and religious liberty? Consider...

It is TSA policy to ask 95-year-old women to remove their adult diapers as part of a standard search.

So, no...


Someone got paid to write that policy. If you are part of the half of America that pays income taxes, YOU paid someone to write that policy.

To which, if you don't make enough money to pay taxes, on what basis should I care about your thoughts on the economy? To possibly misquote Anton Chgur, if your rules got you here, what is the point of your rule?

Look at your choices before you start making mine.


Certain people are fond of saying that Christ was political. The idea goes like this... The mere ACT of proclaiming himself as Lord (above Caesar) had political implications. This is true as far as it goes, but it's a bit obtuse. Jesus didn't proclaim himself Lord for the purpose of being political, but for the purpose of getting people to follow him. He would have said the same thing in any context.

To use the "politics of Jesus" to advance a partisan cause is wholly disingenuous. Just because you claim to be a Christian, and have opinions about politics, does not mean you are channeling Christ when you take a political stance. He is God; you are not, and so are thusly burdened with mounting an intellectual defense of your ideas.


Also, if you are merely noting that Christ was political simply because he did things, because doing things is what politics is, you are producing words for the sake of doing so.


Dear Internet: tax cuts and tax credits are different things.


Cosmos has a new chef, and he is very good indeed. We celebrated our five year anniversary there on Friday. Highlights of our meal included a pitch-perfect rabbit risotto, a mezze course that pops in your mouth, and a panna cotta that actually tastes good. Five courses (plus amuse and mezze) for $45 is a great deal in that space.

And the space is beautiful, if not perhaps a bit intimidating.


Victory 44 won the City Pages award for Best Burger. Great burger, but that's wrong. The reuben, however, is still off the charts.


I've been hearing this more and more lately, but I am shocked at the degree to which downtown has deteriorated in the last couple of years. It was never a picnic, but it is clear that city leadership has not made the safety of citizens downtown a priority. There is no excuse for this.


Speaking of, my friend told me the story of his brother, whose truck was stolen in broad daylight. The kids who stole the truck used it to shoplift from a nearby store. The owner decided to let them go. The police then pulled over the vehicle for a traffic violation, found that the driver had no license or registration, but let them go.

The then-ruined truck was towed, requiring the owner to pay for repairs and for the towing fee.

So yeah, I can maybe see why downtown has gone to hell.


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