Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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I can muse on days other than Monday, dammit. Nobody puts TPWK in a box!


I am seldom as irate as I pretend to be on this blog, but this story renders me so.

The (paternal) grandmother of a child noticed red marks on the child's buttocks, and so naturally decided to take the child to the emergency room. As a result, the police arrested the mother, and charged her with child abuse. Turns out (gasp!) spanking was involved.

Spanking a two-year-old? Of course, everyone in the courtroom had a good laugh and sent the family on its way.

Nope. The mother was sentenced to five years probation, and has lost custody of her children, per Judge Jose Longoria. Check the video in the link above, where he scolds the mother, saying "we don't spank".

Regardless of your views on spanking (and if you are a parent, I know damn well you have spanked your children) I defy you to watch the video of that judge and his condescending little spiel and not feel violent urges. I hope someone is setting up a fund to defeat Judge Longoria in 2012. I pledge $50. For real.

For the record, spanking is legal in Texas. The judge and prosecutors apparently decided to invent a law on the fly. That's dangerous in general, but especially when applied stupidly.


If Rick Perry does not speak out on the above, I see no reason to support his candidacy for president. He won't, and that's telling.


In positive news, Meg Tuthill decided to table her ridiculous anti-patio ordinance before last Friday's city council meeting. She claims she had the votes, but the vociferous opposition from her fellow council members seems to indicate otherwise.

Instead, she will form a panel or something. A real profile in courage, that chick.

I'd love to see our city council actually focus on issues that are important.

Wife and I planned to check out Tilia on Saturday. This restaurant is part of a trend (following in the footsteps of The Cheesecake Factory) of not taking reservations. Because, you know, the food is so damn awesome that you, the great unwashed, should be perfectly content to wait for it.

Per the website, customers should be willing to wait between 5-60 minutes during peak times. Customers are encouraged to visit the restaurant after 8p.

So we did, arriving at a quarter-to-nine, requesting a two-top. Suggested wait time: 75 minutes.

This is ridiculous. My wife and I go out to eat because we want to enjoy ourselves, not because we want to wait, in jubilant expectation, for whatever some (theoretically) brilliant chef decides to throw at us.

Apparently, this trend is catching on in other cities. Restaurant owners are quick to call it "democratic". Hogwash. Waiting in line for food is a hallmark of fascist states. If you can cajole your useful idiots into doing your bidding, and sell them alcohol in the process, more power to you.

As for me, I can do waiting by myself, thanks.


That's your news for today. Stay away from tornadoes, kids.


Blogger Memphis Evans said...

"and if you are a parent, I know damn well you have spanked your children"

Actually, no. I've taken away toys, cancelled outings, and initiated any number of creative, painful penalties, but never spanked. Spanking is hitting and we have a simple rule: never hit each other.

Not saying it's this way for everybody but I can't justify hitting my kids.

11:28 AM  

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