Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Musings: U2 Edition

Bono has risen. The orphans are saved!!! Let's muse.


I'll readily admit that U2 isn't my favorite band. War was one of my favorite albums, and I learned to like the hits through Achtung Baby. I think Hold Me, Thrill Me et al... Is one of the better songs crafted for a film.

Still, you'd have to be something this side of an insufferable ass not to enjoy this concert. Lot's of pretty lights. Also, it rained, which was perfect because every one of U2's songs has the word 'rain' in it.


If the idea behind banning booze and tailgating prior to, and during, the U2 concert was to discourage drunkenness, it was a miserable failure. The entire crowd smelled like hard liquor (I saw more than one flask) and pot.

Setting aside the debious merits of outsourcing consumption control to Sally's and Buffalo Wild Wings, if you treat people like children, they will behave as children. We dined at Tea House (best restaurant on campus, imo), and people were double-fisting Heinekens in the parking lot.

Memo to university officials: We are not your students, but taxpayers. Not only do we pay your (bloated) salary, we also bought your damn stadium. Alcohol is legal in this country, so...


Case in point, the douche bag standing in front of us. To which, why does this breed of cat always demand high-five when inebriated? Every song, the guy needed high-five. It's a concert. Are you surprised that they are singing a song? Is that an accomplishment to be celebrated?

Is it insecurity? Like, maybe you know you're being an ass, because you are one, and, in a rare moment of introspection reach deep into the nothing that is your vapid existence and feel the need to reach out for human touch just to prove you are alive?

Also, what the hell do these people do for a living that they can afford $100 concert tickets? Mortgage broker? That's my guess.

Naturally, once the rain came, he was quick to remove his shirt.


re: logistics - TCF Bank Stadium is not ready for prime time.

Security was scarily absent. Fine, since this is U2, and the crowd was mostly folks in their 50s reliving their youths and mortgage brokers. If there's a hip-hop concert, I'm staying far away.

Traffic control was almost non-existent. The shuttle service after the concert was abysmal, with multi-hour waits to a single parking lot.

Admonishments (via the press) to be patient were well-heeded, mostly because people had just zenned out to the oracle of rock. People aren't going to have the patience for that going forward. If they are waiting for Light Rail to bail them out, it isn't nearly enough, not least of which because light rail causes as many traffic snarls as it relieves.


On the topic of world peace and right and (maybe?) starvation, Bono is clearly passionate, but also incoherent. If you weren't already savvy to what is happening in Burma, you got no useful information.

Just... Care about Burma really hard... Okay?


They played Thrill me, Kill Me! I could just hear the collective snarls of the U2 die-hards. Part of me wished they'd ended on that note, just to piss of everyone who had the shakes for that Dream of Surrender song.


I'm surprised the stadium survived the collective flushing of 60,000 toilets during the Zooropa portion of the evening. Douche guy even stopped giving high-fives.