Monday, October 24, 2011

Everything I hate about everything

So, there's this:

Basically, Jamie Wilson, the standup reporter for Fox Portland, expressly sympathizes with the Portland occupiers. To which, a few points:

She blatantly supports the protestors. Objective journalism is a myth. Also, it is not ironic she reports for her local Fox affiliate. Seriously, that's just not how the system goes. Anyone who ties Fox News as a cable channel to local affiliates via bias does not know what they are talking about.

My problem is Jamie, who has chosen an awfully competitive career, laments her expensive education. Look, sweetheart, being on TV doesn't pay well, because for every one of you, there are 10,000 of you.

This goes for social work, non-profit paper shifting, political campaigns, and just about any other job that does not require a particular skill. These jobs are competitive because we have an unskilled workforce that does not enjoy blue collar labor.

If you are pretty enough (Portland goggles) to find yourself on TV, you are not the 99%. You have a job others would die for, and your job is essentially redundant to boot.

If I'm Jamie Wilson, I keep my (Portland) pretty mouth shut and enjoy the ride.


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