Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Open Questions

My questions demand answers.

So what problem does Minneapolis Light Rail solve? Was that problem worth spending $1 billion solving? Does the MSP-STP Light Rail solve this problem as well, or does it solve another problem?

Did anyone ask any of the questions above before we started building the thing? If not, why not?


If the Vikings do not get a new stadium, does anyone seriously believe they will move to Los Angeles? On what basis?

If we can be reasonably assured they will not move, doesn't that void any argument for a new stadium? If so, doesn't that give the owners of the team every incentive to dishonestly suggest they will move to Los Angeles?


At this point, is Joe Paterno in fact more guilty than Jerry Sandusky? The latter has not been convicted of anything, though the former has admittedly failed to report potential criminal activity to the authorities?


The Duggar family recently announced they are pregnant with their 20th child. Why do most people think this is wrong? Is there any empirical basis, or is it sufficient to simply have an opinion?

What is the point of having an opinion for which there is no empirical basis? How is that different from, say, rooting for the Vikings vs. the Packers?


Shouldn't parents who home school or send their kids to private school be given a discount on their taxes? After all, the fewer students, the less strain on an already overburdened system. Isn't this the case with respect to the consumption of just about anything? Why is education different?


Why do news sites insist on the slideshow format for stories? How do they serve the economic interests of the outlet?


Why, when everyone agreed Jack and Jill would be a terrible movie, didn't thinking people still go see it? You cannot attribute $26 million in box office to teens and stupids. At least one million people who might otherwise be worthy of respect made the conscious decision to spend their money on a film they could not possibly have enjoyed. Why?



Blogger brgulker said...

I agree 100% on the homeschooling question, as one who was homeschooled for several years.

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