Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What's bizarre for you is NoMi normal

Tonight, some entrepreneurial gentlemen, clearly enamored of the nascent snowfall, took the time to gash "FUCK YOU DYC" up and down our sidewalk.

Now, that doesn't strike me as a common sentiment. After, all, that configuration of letters (DYC) doesn't even play in Scrabble.

An open-ended "Fuck you" makes some sense. These are tough times. Getting all angry in my sidewalk snow is a possible byproduct.

This struck me as the behavior of a gang*, and was otherwise an uninteresting revelation, and so I destroyed it, what with my feet.

Having done so, I was greeted by two screaming girls, one likely 14, the other eight. Both repeating "oh, my God". Then moving on.

So I called 911. I live in Minneapolis, and the girls were black, so do the math w/r/t futility of that particular act. Were they white, there would be a damn SWAT team involved, but I can't very well say they are white, now can I?

Yes, the whole thing could be a coincidence, but ominous writings plus ominous screaming children seems rather like a thing.

So that was that. Now to the asterisk.

*- The whole business of white people attributing this or that behavior to gang violence is old hat. I get it. The knee jerk reaction is to assume I'm being hyper-serious** and whatnot.

**- To which, per the above, are gangs really all that serious? I mean, writing vulgarities in the snow is sort of in their wheelhouse. It's not like membership requires an IQ test. Quite the opposite, in fact, I would guess.

**- (cont'd) Gangs are, in essence, a loose coalition of the violently retarded. This isn't the Sicilian mob. Why shouldn't I attribute juvenile to those who are juvenile?

** - Gang or no gang, some of these idiots have guns. You don't have to be serious or interesting to kill someone with a gun. Just ask Cuba.


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